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Farhan Zaidi comments briefly on Aroldis Chapman

During a conference call with reporters today about the Scott Kazmir signing, Dodger general manager Farhan Zaidi was asked about Aroldis Chapman, who was traded by the Reds this week to the Yankees. Here was his reply …

“We obviously, around the time when this down around the winter meetings, didn’t want to comment, and even now I’ll keep my words fairly brief,” Zaidi said. “This is the one time I’m going to comment on it, because we’re talking about a player on another team’s roster. We did come to an agreement in principle (to acquire Chapman), but as (additional) details came to light, we just weren’t comfortable making the move. Every situation is different, every organization has to make their own decision about it. We made the decision based on the information that (was) at hand, we stand by it and we move on.”

— Jon Weisman


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  1. It was the right decision, as talented as he is on the field, the one thing that should never be tolerated off the field is domestic violence. Sure not everything is known or for sure, he may be completely innocent as well. But Dodgers already have enough headaches, no need to bring in another.

    • But what about Dodger FANS’ headaches throughout the season from the frustration of another likely year on the outside looking in at the World Series??

      • Having Chapman wouldn’t guarantee that trip. Again, I’m not questioning Chapman’s talent, but some things are not worth having. Chapman could be suspended still. If you follow hockey, the Kings were in a similar situation with Voynov last season, they had a year of the situation hanging over their heads, and it helped cost them a season, now it’s resolved, and they are again a Cup contending team.

  2. Yeah… also Dodgers sure wouldn’t want to risk ruffling Jansen’s feathers by signing Chapman, right?? Why have a couple of guys who can interchangeably work to close out eighth AND ninth innings, when we can stick with relief situation that was SO effective for the team last year!? Look at Royals’ relief formula… and Yanks will now do same with three “closers.” But hey, Dodgers took the “high road,” even if it means another ‘meh’ season.

    • If Hatcher is like what he was from mid August into the playoffs, the Dodgers will be just fine in the 8th and 9th innings. Plus Garcia and Baez have a full year under their belt, and should keep improving. The pen is pretty good, I do worry that the starers outside of Kershaw can’t go more than 5 innings on a regular basis and thus puts stress on the pen.

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