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Dodger Insider magazine: Free at Dodger Stadium in 2016

By Jon Weisman

There’s a big change coming in 2016 for the Dodgers’ official magazine.

Starting in April, Dodger Insider magazine will be distributed for free at the autogates at every Dodger Stadium regular-season game.

Previously, Dodger Insider magazine cost $5 per issue, while the Dodger Playbill received free autogate distribution (one per vehicle). We are merging the two publications into one great magazine for everyone.

Each issue of the new Dodger Insider magazine will be at least 80 pages, plus a scorecard, with the news, features, photos and games you have grown accustomed to seeing in the program over past years.

There will be a new issue for every homestand, meaning that there will be at least 160 pages of free content each month during the season, plus a 13th issue at the start of October. All free.

Fans who arrive via alternative transportation will be able to pick up a copy of the new magazine at Fan Services booths in Dodger Stadium.

The bonus for this blog is that, unlike past years when we had to limit what we could share online from the magazine, that wall comes down this year. So everyone online will have access to the best pieces from the magazine.

If you still want to subscribe to the magazine — we do have our out-of-town fans, for example — don’t worry. Subscriptions are available at, for an annual cost of $39.95. Each issue will be polybagged to protect it during shipping.

Special offer: The 2016 Yearbook ($15 value) is free with a new year’s subscription to Dodger Insider magazine.

Note: Current Dodger Insider magazine subscriptions will be honored, with one issue of the previous monthly magazine counting as two issues of the new twice-a-month magazine. For any questions or concerns about current print subscriptions, email or call (877) 258-3062.

For more information, visit


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  1. Any chance us out-of-towners could get it as digital copies? I’d love to have that option.

    • Jon Weisman

      Unfortunately, digital magazine interest has been so low the past two years that we don’t currently have that as an option, though we will revisit. My hope is that by being able to put the best content here on the blog, we can reach our digital readers that way.

  2. I was reading about the size. You say it will be like the old playbill dimension wise but thicker with about the same number of pages as the old program given size adjustments. I hope not so thick that it can’t be folded and put into a back pocket while walking. Looking forward to receiving my first free copy upon entrance into the stadium.

    • Jon Weisman

      Same number of pages per month as last year’s monthly program, but divided into two issues – one per homestand. So our target size is 80 pages. I have envisioned people stuffing into back pockets but that will depend on the size of the back pocket in question.

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