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Minors are major deal for Dodgers’ World Series hopes

Jose De Leon (Rich Crimi/Tulsa Drillers)

Jose De Leon

By Jon Weisman

As the combined raves by, ESPN’s Keith Law, Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus made the Dodgers’ the consensus No. 1 farm system in baseball, revelry naturally abounded among the online Dodger fanbase. But just as inevitably came the backtalk.

“So what — they still haven’t won a World Series.”

I get that this is sort of the natural response to any piece of good news that isn’t the good news. And I also get that some would trade the current minor-league glory for Cole Hamels or a player to be named earlier.

But if you’re vexed that the Dodgers haven’t won a World Series since “ALF” was primetime’s most watched show on Mondays, then you know what? It’s still time to be happy that the Dodger system is the tops.

Yes. Be happy.

You can’t change the past — you can only change the future. Having the No. 1 farm system doesn’t guarantee a title — any more than a trade for Hamels would have — but going forward, it sure makes a title more likely than the alternative. Better still, it makes multiple titles more likely.

Don’t worry. You’re not subverting your World Series dreams by celebrating baseball’s preeminent farm system.

No one at the Dodgers is satisfied with losing. And no one at the Dodgers sees a No. 1 farm system as an end in and of itself. It’s one part of the path to the glory that every Dodger fan craves.


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  1. Perfect response to some of the naysayers that post here.

  2. been a dodger fan since 53, hurry up and give us a world series ! nothing less!

  3. we have so many holes i can’t find the doughnut

  4. i know how much talk gets you!

  5. The Dodgers have gone from the 7th worst farm system to the best, since new ownership has taken over, while winning 90+ games and three straight division titles. Not too shabby in my opinion.

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