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Dodgers lose lead and series at San Francisco

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Today’s five-run first inning, capped by this Austin Barnes RBI bunt single, was close to a work of art, but things went south in the Bay Area shortly after that, and the Dodgers finished their season-opening road trip with a 4-3 record after a 9-6 loss to the Giants. has the recap.

Scott Kazmir allowed three home runs in a game for the first time since June 24, 2014 and for the ninth time in 273 career starts.

— Jon Weisman


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  1. Mark Hagerstrom

    Since you put it that way, guess I can’t sneeze at a 4-3 road trip.

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  2. paulgarzajr

    Sorry, the series exposed what we are feared – the bullpen is a mess. The Geniuses keep playing around but don’t appear to be serious about fixing it. That was the rap against Coletti – these guys have done nothing to make it better.The bullpen blew three games. Sure, Kazmir was awful today(he is not a #2 – he is maybe a 4 or a 5) and Alex Wood was Alex Wood – he should be a long reliever of a minor league starter – but the old story, the pen keeps giving everything up. Howell has been terrible. Why didn’t the Dodgers get Hamel last year and Cueto this year? Maybe we could live with the current pen then. That’s right, we were building depth. As a result, the Dodgers have the best looking DL in MLB. Great job, Geniuses.

    • I’ll agree with everything but Hamels question. The answer was simply they didn’t want to trade Seager and Urias for him, because that’s what the Phillies wanted. We don’t know yet if Urias will be as good as advertised, but Seager has been nothing but outstanding so far.

      • paulgarzajr

        Are we really sure that is what the Phillies insisted upon? They didn’t get anywhere near that much from the Rangers. They got six players for Hamels and a journeyman but the consensus was that the Rangers got the better of the deal. I hope Urias is the real deal too . . . we need it!

      • Yes, all reports indicated the Phillies were demanding teams top 2-4 prospects, so at least one of them would have been in the deal, plus DeLeon and someone else if one of them wasn’t in it. The Dodgers farm system in ranked 1-2 by most, so there top prospects are better than other teams, when reality the prospects the Phillies received from Rangers were closer to the Didgers 6-10, still the Phillies weren’t going to accept those as it sounds better to get another teams top prospects.

  3. Mark Hagerstrom

    Cueto gave up 6 runs in 7 innings and signed for six years at $130 million. Careful what you wish for.

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    • paulgarzajr

      Remind me, who was the winning pitcher today? Isn’t that what a starter is supposed to do.

  4. oldbrooklynfan

    Losing to the Giants, even with a lead, isn’t surprising, lately.

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