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Julio Urias to make MLB debut Friday

Julio Urias

Matthew Mesa/Los Angeles Dodgers

By Jon Weisman

A big dose of news this morning: The Dodgers have announced that on Friday, they will purchase the contract of 19-year-old left-hander Julio Urias, who will make his Major League debut that evening in New York against the Mets.

Urias will be taking the scheduled start of Alex Wood, who is resting because of left triceps soreness. Wood, who had 13 strikeouts in 91 pitches during his most recent start May 21 (with 43 strikeouts and a 2.67 ERA in his past 30 1/3 innings) is now scheduled to take the mound Monday in Chicago.

The Dodgers will announce a 40-man roster move Friday to make room for Urias’ contract.

But the immediate focus will be on Urias, who at 19 years, 289 days old will be the youngest Major League pitcher since Felix Hernandez’s 2005 season with Seattle, the youngest Dodger pitcher since Fernando Valenzuela made his debut as a reliever in 1980 and the youngest Dodger starting pitcher since Dick Calmus on August 23, 1963. (The last teenage MLB pitcher was Dylan Bundy of the Orioles in 2013.)

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The No. 2 prospect in baseball, Urias is the most heralded Dodger pitching prospect since Clayton Kershaw, whose Major League debut was eight years and two days ago. Kershaw’s initial callup in May 2008 wasn’t permanent: He returned to the minors for a three-week period in July before getting his return ticket to the Majors on July 22.

Urias will leave behind, at least for the time being, a 27-inning Triple-A scoreless streak, in which he has allowed 10 hits, walked five and struck out 22. His ERA in 41 minor-league innings this season is 1.10, lowering his career ERA to 2.63 with 308 strikeouts in 263 1/3 innings.

The main question for Urias right now is endurance. He has not thrown more than six innings or 82 pitches in a game this season. But suffice it to say, Friday will be an exciting night.


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  1. I’m assuming 40 man move will be DFAing Guerrero since a decision on him needs to be done by Monday anyway. Bolsinger probably goes down for 25 man move, as Stripling could be recalled by the time this spot needs to start again. Unless of course Urias does well enough to get another start.

  2. So exciting! My only disappointment is that one Mr. Vin Scully will not be announcing the game. However, it is fortunate timing that the Dodgers-Mets game is the pre-selected free game of the day on!

  3. oldbrooklynfan

    I’ll be at the game Friday night. Never expected this.

  4. Well Jon – I guess the burning question is this: Does Julio Urias rate getting the Roman Numeral treatment for his starts? And if so – what kind of titles will you come up with for him?

    Or perhaps you have other ideas already in motion to delight your readers! :)

    • Jon Weisman

      Debating whether I want to make that kind of commitment again :)

  5. Already got tickets for 6/6, so crossing my fingers the rotation spots hold up. Some of us are going to be at 33 Taps in Hollywood, to watch his debut tonight. All Dodger fans welcome to herald in the next era. Ever since I first wrote about him at age 16 I’ve been hoping he’d join the rotation while Clayton was still here. Between Fernando and Clayton I can’t imagine two better mentors for young Urias. They have both been exactly where he stands today.

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