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When you’re Seager, the whole world smiles with you


Seager smileBy Jon Weisman

Each time he jogged around the bases tonight — and trust us, he wasn’t loafing — Corey Seager had a wide grin on his face.

And why not? Seager broke the Los Angeles Dodger record for homers by a shortstop in the first inning with his 20th, then added his 21st for good measure in the seventh, in the Dodgers’ 9-4 victory over Philadelphia.

The Dodgers wondered most of the night if their five-run first inning would catapult them into a tie for first place in the National League West, but moments before their game ended in Los Angeles, San Francisco was outlasting Miami in 14 innings, 8-7, with Brandon Crawford’s seventh hit of the night driving in the winning run.

A costly throwing error (two unearned runs) marred what was otherwise a solid night for Julio Urías in his last start as a teenager. Retiring the final five batters he faced, Urías allowed seven baserunners in five innings with two strikeouts, throwing 88 pitches. He crossed the 90-inning barrier for the first time as a professional.

Two other Dodgers hit home runs: Yasmani Grandal and, playing against his longtime team for the first time, Chase Utley.  The Dodgers also had four doubles: two by Joc Pederson, one by Grandal and one by Justin Turner.

In the ninth inning, Josh Ravin became the Dodgers’ 50th player of 2016. That includes 16 pitchers already in the first eight days of August. Brett Anderson, who threw five innings in a rehab outing tonight for Oklahoma City, could add to the total sooner than later.


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  1. It’s a damn good thing Grandal has started to hit, he’s the worst defensive catcher I’ve ever seen. Urias throw, while a bit wide, was very catchable, and for an out as well. Thankfully it didn’t cost the Dodgers the game.

    • I’m not impressed by Grandal’s fielding, but Urias’ throw was a mess. It’s not the catcher’s fault when the pitcher rifles one from 50 feet so badly that it caroms off the backstop like it did.

      • He threw it that hard to get a DP, and I would hope Grandal can catch Urias hard throws, again the throw was maybe a foot wide. Yes, probably too wide to get the DP, but still not wide enough to where Grandal could have left being on the plate, caught it and step back on the plate. Or at the very least catch the damn ball.

      • jpavko

        MlB Network did a demonstration of the situation not long ago, a pitcher has to adjust from throwing a pitch that’s meant to avoid the bat to throwing a throw directly to a fielder. Jose,’s programming just got a little messed up. Give the kid a break! He’s going to be a good if not hreat one

      • I’m not mad at the Kid. I’m Grandal in OP’s point. You can’t blame the catcher when it was a bad throw.

    • It wasn’t that bad of a throw, it was maybe 1 foot off the plate, a professional catcher should easily catch it, hell a HS catcher should be able to.

  2. oldbrooklynfan

    Maybe tonight will be the night we tie up the Giants. I’m a little worried about Grandal who took that foul off the right side of his chest. I hope he’s okay because we can ill afford to lose his hot bat, right now.

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