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Why the Dodgers pursued Carlos Ruiz

(Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

(Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Andrew Friedman, on the decision to trade A.J. Ellis to Philadelphia in a deal for Carlos Ruiz (via Ken Gurnick of

“It was a tough decision on a personal level,” Friedman said. “From a baseball standpoint, we felt Carlos fit our team extremely well. I can go on and on about A.J. and his attributes and what he brings to a team, and if Carlos didn’t possess similar things, we wouldn’t have made the move. In terms of leadership ability, ability to call a game and run a pitching staff, Carlos rates extremely well in those things and has experience in what he brings to the lineup against left-handed pitching, which (we) focused on as an area we wanted to improve.”

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— Jon Weisman


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  1. Magic, Trade Freidman and Farkhan to Syria for nothing in return. They deserve it after this

    • first, drop the racist crap. Farhan Zaidi is Pakistani-Canadian. Syria has nothing to do with anything.
      second, we have the worst batting average against lefties, as we’re seeing tonight. if Ruiz can change that, good. and he’s probably also here to help Grandal become a better defender (throwing in particular). AJ’s utility as an actual player was almost gone. his bat was useless. i love AJ & am very sad he’s gone. but we needed something better as the backup.

  2. paulgarzajr

    And, “if you believe that I have a bridge in Brooklyn I would like to sell you.” Low reward and high risk. This Front Office is composed of non-baseball people.

  3. BS. Trade yourself Freidman. I’m sure someone else has your skill set. Friedman doesn’t get it. I don’t want to watch Ruin celebrating a championship, I want to watch AJ.

  4. Freidman needed a right side bat because he traded for a left side bat in Reddick. Funny how one mistake leads to another.

    I have been more patient with this team than 95% of fans but I am angry. Been a diehard fan since 1955 and this trade really got to me more than any I can remember.

  5. I never thought I would cry about trading away a player hitting below the Mendoza line. I wonder what new thing I’ll learn today.

  6. oldbrooklynfan

    I know it’s the way this game goes. I’ve been going through it for nearly 70 years, but it always seems to hurt when the Dodgers make an unexpected trade of a Dodger favorite.

  7. I blame Grandal for his surge that has made him a key offensive player at this point,magnifying the drop off when Ellis started. Indeed, Doc has gone more and more to Yas, even against lefthanders, and he has responded. Problem is that he is getting too much work at this point, AJ has only started nine games since the ASG because of Doc’s reluctance in using him. Along with being overworked, the risk of injury to Grandal and not having a real fallback must have been in the FO’s mind when they accepted to let AJ go to pick up Ruiz. Love him and miss him, but sorry AJ was just not performing.

  8. AJ’s utility as an actual player was almost gone. his bat was useless. I lIKE AJ & am very sad he’s gone. but we needed something better as the backup. By the way, My business partners needed to fill out a form earlier today and used a document management site that has a lot of fillable forms . If others need to fill out it too , here’s ““.

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