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#VinTop20: No. 15, the 4+1 Game

No. 15

Between now and Vin Scully Appreciation Day on September 23, the Dodgers are revealing the results of the fan vote ranking Scully’s top 20 Dodger calls of all time, one at each home game. Here’s No. 15: the unreal end of the 4+1 Game.

— Jon Weisman

[mlbvideo id=”1099594883″ width=”550″ height=”308″ /]


Carlos Ruiz to start tonight, Brock Stewart recalled


In case you missed it: Vinnys Vinnys everywhere


  1. Little surprise this wasn’t higher.

  2. It’s missing “and by the way, the Dodgers are in first place!”

  3. I was there! Til the very last inning! I’m going to miss you sooo much Vinny!!

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