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KTLA to broadcast Vin Scully’s final six games

Juan Ocampo/Los Angeles Dodgers

Juan Ocampo/Los Angeles Dodgers

By Jon Weisman

KTLA Channel 5 will air Vin Scully’s final six broadcasts through an agreement with Charter that was announced today.

The six simulcasts with SportsNet LA include the September 23-25 home series finale against Colorado — which will be Vin Scully Weekend at Dodger Stadium — and the last three games of the regular season, September 30-October 2 in San Francisco.

The September 23 broadcast will also feature the live Vin Scully Appreciation Day pregame ceremony, beginning at 6:15 p.m.

In all, Scully will work 16 more games — six on the homestand that starts tonight, seven from September 19-25, and the final three at AT&T Park.


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  1. oldbrooklynfan

    It’s hard to believe I’ve been listening to Vin Scully, as the Dodger play by play announcer since 1950, when I was 12 years old and now I’m 78.

  2. Thanks to whom ever made this happen. Why can’t it be like this for the season. Get together people.

  3. I have listened to Mr. Scully since the summer of 1965. I was 10 years old that summer (Sept. Birthday). Don Drysdale & Sandy Koufax were holding out to get six figure salaries. The first time non everyday players would be paid that much. If I recall correctly Drysdale signed for $100,000 per year & Koufax receieved $120,000. So approximately 51 seasons of games for me. Such a professional is Mr. Scully, so good & so humble. God bless him!

  4. Finally a t.v station that cares. I was 2 years old when he started broad casting

  5. Dodger baseball will not be the same. Mr. Scully “you will be sorely missed.”

  6. While I’m glad this is happening, it does nothing for those of us in Santa Barbara, who no longer get KTLA on Cox Cable. Cox has gradually eliminated just about all of our L.A. stations.

  7. I’m glad 2 c Vin Scully on local TV 4 the final 2 weeks of this regular season. I’ll miss him when he retires.

  8. SO GLAD and thanks KTLA for getting this done especially for me and the millions of non-Time Warner customers! Hate to see him go as been a part of my life since the late-50’s! GO DODGERS and God bless Vin Scully! :-)

  9. Some of my best childhood memories include summers at the beach or in the backyard and my folks having the transistor radio tuned to the Dodger game. Vin Scully’s voice and his play by play announcing left a lasting impression on a little girl back in the 60’s and at 55 years old, I can truly say that it won’t be the same without him. Bless you, Vin Scully and thank you for the many wonderful years and the memories!!

  10. Yay! I had hoped something like this would happen. Thanks for one last opportunity to enjoy The Voice of Summer!

  11. Big shoes to fill.

  12. My big trouble with Scully was that he made listening to a baseball game disappointing if he was not the announcer. He is so good that he puts everybody else in the minors. We, in LA, are so lucky to have had Vin and Chick Hearn. I wonder if they will meet up in the Great Beyond? I am not a life long hockey fan but I think Bob Miller is tops too….Regardless , Scully and Hearn will always be the best of the best.

  13. I have only had one person call games for the Dodgers my entire life. Thanks Mr. Scully! It’s been a wonderful run.

  14. Will there be any chance of these games being sent out to surrounding areas in the southwest? I live in Vegas and have really missed Vinnie since Fox Sports West 2 quit showing the games. I would love to be able to hear him do those last few games.

  15. Thank you for all the wonderful years Vin … You are my second favorite Dodger … Maury Wills captured my heart years ago. You will always be the voice of the L.A. Dodgers <3

  16. That’s the reason I started loving Baseball. I would be somewhere in the house or outside as a kid and would hear his voice. I was drawn to that voice..I still am.

  17. My earliest memories of Vin calling games was in the mid-fifties as a 7 or 8 year old. My transistor radio was always on when they played and I drifted to sleep at night listening to him, my mom having to come in and turn off the radio. That radio traveled to Dodger Stadium and was on during the game to hear his play-by-play. God Bless you, Vin Scully…you will be missed more than words can express.

  18. You are one of the best announcers I will ever have the honor of listening to.You will be greatly missed, and there will never be anyone to fill those shoes Enjoy my friend, My grandson would die for that job. Of course, who wouldn’t.

  19. Dodgers are on San Diego TV this weekend, bad part is Vinny’s not calling it, But Dick Enberg is.
    Tomorrow (Sat) at 5:30, Enberg is going to interview Vin , on ‘Padres
    Live’ pre-game show. Lucky me.

  20. Had the outrageous luck to meet Mr. Scully last year. He was in a waiting area all alone… and I could not pass up the chance to at least greet and thank him for years and years of great memories. That turned into a 10min conversation. We talked of the Dodgers from 1959-2015. I told him listening to him was like a time machine and I was a kid again in the backyard with my Dad and the transistor radio… then we talked of The Dodger Song, Jerry Doggett, and much more. Those are ten minutes that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I was on a natural high for days…. :)

  21. I do not believe that Vinny knows just how much Dodger fans (and many other baseball fans!) truly love and respect him. It is very sad to see him go. OTOH, it is not the “TV stations” that have removed Dodger games from the tube, that is the fault of the new Dodgers’ owners, Guggenheim Partners, LLC, based in NYC and their inherent, overweening greed. I went to Dodger games and watched & listened to broadcasts since they first appeared in LA. Now, they are gone, due to the deal done by their new owners 3 years ago. I really wonder what Walter O’Mally would say about this betrayal of 70% of their fan base.

  22. You’re a class act KTLA Channel 5 to be willing to honor another class act like Vin Scully is. Thank you.

  23. DISH NETWORK, please settle your contract disputes with Channel 5!!!!


    • It’s not KTLA that has been keeping most Dodger fans from watching on TV. It’s not even Time Warner.

      As I mentioned it’s the new Dodgers owners, multi-billion dollar investment firm Guggenheim Partners Ltd that, in the agreement demanded by them get 8.3 billion dollars from Comcast / Time-Warner in exchange for *exclusive* rights to broadcast Dodger games on TV. Since 70% of Dodger fans cannot get those games, no matter how much they pay, to those fans, the Dodgers do not exist unless they go to Dodger Stadium to see a game live. Guggenheim Partners get ever richer, and us fans are left in the dust.

  25. I’ve been listening to Vin Scully call Dodgers games ALL of my life! My heart is breaking thinking that I will no longer hear him after Oct 2nd. Godspeed Mr. Scully :)

  26. Thanks Time Warner for making us miss Vin’s last year.

    • Ryan,

      You have to remember that, in the long run, it wasn’t Times Warner that created this deal. Rather, it was Guggenheim Partners, LLC — the owners of the Dodgers, that put the deal together, asking $8.3 Billion, that really created this mess. They are an investment firm, and their hearts are in their rapidly-increasing bottom line, not the Dodgers (they might as well be a herd of cows), and most certainly not their fans, who have been left to twist in the wind.

  27. Thank you KTLA!! At least someone cares about the fans that dont have access the money grab that is SportsNet LA.

    I am cheering for Vin, not the Dodgers. If they dont care enough about me as a fan to make sure that I can watch their games in the local market, then why should cheer for them?

    • Adam,

      I totally agree with you! The Dodgers should belong to ALL their fans, not just the 30% that can watch via Time/Warner. I have been a fan since 1958. Now, since the new deal their owners worked out 3 years ago, I can’t watch on TV, radio doesn’t reach me, and I’m 2-1/2 hours from Dodger Stadium on a traffic-free day. The Dodgers have become ghosts.

      God Bless Vinny . . . he can’t watch away games where he lives!

  28. One thing to think about re. the Time/Warner deal: Just imagine what would happen if the NY Yankees owners inked a new deal that cut 70% of their fans out of being able to watch them play? There would be riots in the streets! Angelinos are so laid back, they’ve been turned into a herd of wimps.

  29. I’m going to miss you sooo much Vinny! Good luck on your retirement!

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