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Joe Davis offers touching thanks and farewell to Vin Scully

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SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS VS LOS ANGELES DODGERSAfter Thursday’s game, Dodger play-by-play announcer Joe Davis bid farewell to Dodger fans for 2016, in words that were equal parts gratitude for his first season and a tribute to Vin Scully that hit just the right note.

Vin, of course, will handle TV chores for the final weekend of his 67-season career, with the broadcasts from San Francisco tonight through Sunday simulcast on SportsNet LA, KTLA and AM 570 LA Sports. All playoff games thereafter will be national telecasts, with the National League Division Series beginning on either Fox Sports 1 or MLB Network.

— Jon Weisman

Vinathon: Happy anniversary to Koufax’s perfect game

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It was 49 years ago today, but it never gets old.

— Jon Weisman

Originally published September 9, 2014

Vinathon: Bryan Cranston is the one who knocks, and Vin Scully answers


Watch as “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston fulfills a lifelong dream of meeting Vin Scully, only to have Scully respond with another surprise.

— Jon Weisman

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Originally published August 20, 2014

Vinathon: Keeping his cool paid off for shivering Scully

DSCN7586By Mark Langill

If Tuesday’s Vin Scully 65th anniversary replica talking microphone promotion reflected his big break into show business, the giveaway box would also include a 50-yard extension cord.

Fresh out of Fordham University in 1949, Scully was a radio reporter for CBS and assigned to cover the Maryland-Boston University college football game at Boston’s Fenway Park. Scully arrived at the press box expecting to sit in a booth. Instead, he was shown the roof, where an engineer sat at a little card table. There was also a microphone with a long cord.

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Vinathon: Vin Scully remembers Apollo moon landing, 45 years later


Sunday marks the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the moon. In the video above, Vin Scully offers his memories.

— Jon Weisman

Originally published July 14, 2014

Vinathon: Vin Scully on peace of mind, love and bird droppings

[mlbvideo id=”34073543″ width=”550″ height=”308″ /]

Comedy, suspense, romance … this Vin Scully storytelling minute has it all.

— Jon Weisman

Originally published June 27, 2014

Vinathon: A Reagan Forum with Vin Scully


By Josh Tucker

On Wednesday night, Vin Scully gave a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley. The hour is full of stories and memories that will leave you speechless.

Mr. Scully takes the stage at the 6:30 mark. The first full minute mostly consists of an exuberant crowd and a humbled and gleeful Scully. It’s beautiful, and worth watching for that minute alone. Enjoy:


As if that wasn’t enough, here’s a photo from earlier in the evening of Vin Scully high-fiving baby:


Originally published June 13, 2014

Vinathon: Vin Scully remembers D-Day

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Spoken on June 6, 2013.

– Jon Weisman

Originally published June 6, 2014

Vinathon: Vin Scully and the Dodgers’ 10,000th NL win

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Tonight, the Dodgers celebrate the franchise last month’s 10,000th National League victory with a commemorative pin giveaway. The video above, narrated by Vin Scully, seals the deal.

— Jon Weisman

Originally published June 4, 2014

Vinathon: Vin Scully’s ode to Wrigley Field

On the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field, here’s a look at what Vin Scully had to say about the ballpark at 75:


Vin also said this about Wrigley:

“To me there’s always been something special about Wrigley Field. I refer to the ballpark as the dowager queen of the National League. I refer to the lights as a lady in black in evening, wearing pearls. Every time I come to this ballpark, I seem to feel and see another image, and, above all, the enthusiasm of the crowd. It’s just a very special place.” -Vin Scully

Wrigley Field also gave us this moment:

[mlbvideo id=”31267171″ width=”550″ height=”308″ /]

— Josh Tucker

Originally published April 23, 2014

Vinathon: Vin Scully’s transcendent tribute to Dr. Frank Jobe

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photo-4By Jon Weisman

Friends and family paid wonderful tribute to Dr. Frank Jobe today at Dodger Stadium, as Ken Gurnick recaps at Dr. Neal ElAttrache became choked up as he described how Jobe, who died March 6, “touched and affected us in very profound ways.”

But at the risk of telling you exactly what you’d expect, there was something about Vin Scully’s words that transcended. Whatever your expectations might have been, Scully topped them. Paraphrasing Albert Schweitzer, Amos Bronson Alcott, William Wordsworth and the Bible, Scully at once spoke about Jobe and about life itself.

So I requested that we be able to post the entirety of Scully’s remarks online, in the video above.

“Success can be measured by what you receive from your fellow man, but the value of a man is what he gives back,” Scully said. “Frank was successful, but more importantly, he was a man of substance and most certainly of value. He spent a lifetime giving back.

“The tragedy of life is what dies inside a man while he lives. But the triumph of life is to be hopeful, kindly, cheerful and keep the heart unwrinkled. Frank kept his heart unwrinkled, and for that he was triumphant. What then do we ask of life, but to serve, to love, to commune with our fellow man and with ourselves, and from the lap of earth look up into the face of God. The best portion of a good man’s life is his little nameless unremembered acts of kindness and love.”

Originally published April 7, 2014

Vinathon: Lefty to lefty: Scully to Koufax

By Jon Weisman

Although the first inning was one to forget, it was a pregame to remember at Dodger Stadium today …

Originally published April 4, 2014

Vinathon: Vin Scully calls tonight’s earthquake

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Originally published March 28, 2014

Vinathon: I love Koa-LA

“So when he wrote his name in capital letters in the record books, that “K” stands out even more than the O-A-L-A.”

Vin Scully has always taken the time to celebrate the cute ones in the crowd. It’s no different in Australia, as Josh Tucker’s tweets show us.

– Jon Weisman

Originally published March 19, 2014

Vinathon: Fordham alumni Vin Scully and Pat Harrington Jr. appear on ‘It Takes Two’ in 1970

Pat Harrington Jr., the longtime TV performer (“One Day at a Time”), graduated from Fordham in 1950 — one year after Vin Scully — and was a guest on the Scully-hosted “It Takes Two” in June 1970.

— Jon Weisman

Originally published January 7, 2016

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