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Orel Hershiser to get second look for Hall of Fame


By Jon Weisman

Dodger pitching great Orel Hershiser is one of five former Major Leaguers who will be considered for Hall of Fame election this winter.

Former Dodger manager Davey Johnson and coach Mark McGwire are also among the 10 names on the Today’s Game Era ballot that will be reviewed and voted upon December 5 at the Baseball Winter Meetings in National Harbor, Maryland, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum announced today.

Harold Baines, Albert Belle, Will Clark, Lou Piniella, John Schuerholz, Bud Selig and George Steinbrenner will also be considered. Any candidate who receives votes on at least 12 of 16 ballots cast by the 16-member Today’s Game Era committee will earn election to the National Baseball Hall of Fame and will be inducted in Cooperstown on July 30, 2017, along with any electees who emerge from the 2017 Baseball Writers’ Association of America election that will be announced on January 18.

Eligible candidates include players who played in at least 10 major league seasons (who are not on Major League Baseball’s ineligible list) and have been retired for 15 or more seasons, as well as managers, umpires and executives with 10 or more years in baseball.

The Today’s Game Era committee (for candidates who made their biggest contribution to baseball from 1988 to the present) is one of four the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum’s Board of Directors announced this past July — essentially descended from the old Hall of Fame Veterans Committee.  The other committees are Modern Baseball (1970-1987), Golden Days (1950-1969), and Early Baseball (pre-1950).

The Today’s Game and Modern Baseball eras will be considered twice each in a five-year period, with the Golden Days era considered once every five years and the Early Baseball era considered once every 10 years.

Hershiser pitched 3,130 1/3 MLB innings with a 3.48 ERA, highlighted by his record 59-inning scoreless streak in 1988 and a career 2.59 ERA in 132 postseason innings. His best performance in the conventional BBWAA Hall of Fame balloting was in 2006, when he received 11.2 percent of the vote. The following year, he got 4.4 percent and fell off future ballots.



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  1. Why aren’t either Alan Trammell or Lou Whitaker on this ballot?

  2. I think Hershiser belongs in the Hall of Fame because he came up big where it mattered most, in the playoffs!

  3. Where’s the Garv…..Steve Garvey….the NL ironman, NL MVP, WS ring holder and top playoff player?

  4. Bud Selig and George Steinbrenner but not Marvin Miller. To quote that baseball expert, Michael Corleone, it insults my intelligence.

    • oldbrooklynfan

      I didn’t think of that I truly agree with you. Marvin Miller belongs in the HoF

  5. Only Bain’s has s chance from the players IMO. Selig will be paraded in, not that I agree, just reality. Steinbrenner should, but he may get the finger from the powers that be.

  6. All of this is a joke without Steve Garvey

  7. oldbrooklynfan

    Good Luck Orel. It would be great to finally have another Dodger making the HoF.

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