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Washington D.C. weekend weather looks … interesting


As Hurricane Matthew makes its way up the Atlantic this week, it’s unclear — to take an extremely narrow view of things — how it will impact the Dodgers’ first two games in the National League Division Series at Washington. But with a 40 percent chance of rain already forecast for Saturday, everyone might need to brace themselves for at least a delay.

It’s funny (now) — when I was living in Washington D.C. in 1992-93, I got tickets for a game in Baltimore at Camden Yards that turned out to be called because of a hurricane. Driving home, the storm was blinding, and in retrospect it was crazy for me to have even tried to go in the first place. And then I got a flat tire. That night nearly destroyed me.

Oh well — here’s hoping for the best.

— Jon Weisman


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  1. Just to complete the picture, latest from WAPO is 50% on Saturday, as well as 20% for both Friday and Sunday.

  2. Got my tix! Friday 30%, Saturday 60%.

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