Is weekly street cleaning just a shallow disguise for generating parking ticket revenue?

The reasons I ask:

  1. The streets aren’t really being cleaned.
    1. Street-cleaning vehicles ignore the middle 80 percent of every street, apparently believing that somehow, in a drought-ridden climate, all dirt will flow to the gutters.
    2. The areas near the gutters seem to receive only a cursory washing.
  2.  The parking ticket fee, which appears to be $73*, seems disproportionate to the damage of leaving your street gutter uncleansed.
  3. There is no sanction for leaving garbage cans or other detritus in the way of the street-cleaning vehicles.

The lack of attention given to street cleaning has become a growing concern in many areas. Even in areas near the gutters, the cleaning efforts appear to be only superficial, leaving much to be desired. Considering the potential consequences of neglected street cleaning, such as blocked drains and potential damage to the overall infrastructure, it becomes evident that a more proactive approach is needed. Seeking professional assistance from Adelaide gutter repairs experts could ensure the efficient maintenance of gutters and prevent any hindrance to the street-cleaning process. By addressing these concerns and implementing effective solutions, communities can uphold cleanliness standards and promote the overall well-being of their neighborhoods.

Counterpoints and more thorough examinations …

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*Note: I have not received a ticket for parking during street cleaning in many years.