Is weekly street cleaning just a shallow disguise for generating parking ticket revenue?

The reasons I ask:

  1. The streets aren’t really being cleaned.
    1. Street-cleaning vehicles ignore the middle 80 percent of every street, apparently believing that somehow, in a drought-ridden climate, all dirt will flow to the gutters.
    2. The areas near the gutters seem to receive only a cursory washing.
  2.  The parking ticket fee, which appears to be $73*, seems disproportionate to the damage of leaving your street gutter uncleansed.
  3. There is no sanction for leaving garbage cans or other detritus in the way of the street-cleaning vehicles.

Counterpoints and more thorough examinations …

  1. Street sweeping: Essential service or revenue scam?
  2. Add street-sweeping tickets to dense neighborhoods’ parking problems

*Note: I have not received a ticket for parking during street cleaning in many years.