Mar 08

Dodgers dial long distance for second game in a row

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images (file)Tony Gwynn, Jr., who has five regular-season homers in his major-league career, went yard today.

Dodgers 7, Brewers 1


  • Tony Gwynn Jr.’s leadoff homer against Takashi Saito kicked off a Dodger power parade, which included circuit clouts by Aaron Miles, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier. Each member of the latter trio went 2 for 3.
  • Ethier, Ivan De Jesus Jr. (also 2 for 3), Dioner Navarro and Justin Sellers notched doubles.
  • Starting against the team that he faced when Elymania launched, John Ely threw three shutout innings, retiring nine of 10 batters and striking out two.
  • The Dodger defense impressed Milwaukee’s broadcast team, said Dodger Thoughts commenter Bob Hendley.


  • Ron Mahay allowed his second homer in three innings this spring, this to left-handed hitting Prince Fielder.
  • Jay Gibbons, still trying to find his form, went 0 for 3 and is 1 for 12 in the early going.


  • Benches cleared in the sixth inning of today’s game, notes The Associated Press, over a Roman Colon fist pump.
  • Hiroki Kuroda worked on his endurance today in a 4 1/3-inning B-game outing, in which he struck out six while allowing three runs, writes Ken Gurnick of
  • Jerry Sands was among those who played a doubleheader of sorts today: RBI single in the B game, pinch-walk in the A game. Sellers also had an HBP in the B game.
  • Milwaukee has bigger things to worry about than today’s loss: Newly acquired pitcher Zack Greinke is nursing a broken rib.
  • Would Frank McCourt sue Major League Baseball over being denied his recent attempt at a $200 million loan from Fox? Friend of Dodger Thoughts BHSportsGuy wonders in a guest post at True Blue L.A.
  • As Kim Ng noted this morning, Sandy Koufax visited Camelback Ranch today.
  • James Loney and Raymond Carver are connected by Jesse Gloyd at Buckshot Boogaloo.