There are reports of rain, but in case there’s a game and you’re not sleepy …

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Dodger third-base coach Larry Bowa was released from the hospital today after a CAT scan examination brought on by abdominal pains. Tom Singer of has details.

Tony Jackson’s notebook from the day at Camelback (Dodgers lost, 3-2) features Clayton Kershaw, Carlos Monasterios and Aroldis Chapman.

Update: Ronald Belisario has been found, by Ignacio Serrano of In advance of his story, Serrano tweeted that Belisario hopes to have his visa by Monday, that he is in good shape and will only need two bullpen sessions to be game ready, and that he hasn’t missed any appointments with the American embassy in Caracas.

Update 2: Here’s the Serrano column. Link is to the original Spanish version; below is a Google translation.

The days of Ronald Belisario pass almost normal routine while you exercise with a view to the big leagues next season.

It’s time to spring trainning and prepare for the championship in the making.

There is no small detail, however, that has made the news Belisario appellant in newspapers in Los Angeles: right-hander prepares, yes, but it does thousands of miles away from the camp of the Los Angeles Dodgers, while waiting in Venezuela for the visa to travel to the United States.

“Of course I am fit, I coach,” said reliever told “I need only half weeks to get on the mound.

Belisarius gained the confidence of manager Joe Torre in 2009, although then not arrived in time to Dodger Town.

The effectiveness of his sinker and the good results obtained against minor league hitters earned him a second chance 12 months ago. Eventually, the Aragüeño became a member of the bullpen on Opening Day and blue throughout the tournament.

Firefighter still hopes to repeat as Torre setup at the beginning of 2010. Through the telephone, his voice exudes optimism.

“We’re at it, waiting,” he said. “I think on Monday, or (this Saturday) is going to solve the thing, because I was told that it should have an answer.”

Belisario no secret why it has been forced to wait before boarding the plane to take you back to the majors: “This is the problem I had with the DUI.

DUI stands for “Driving Under Influence,” driving under the influence of alcohol. The native of Maracay, was arrested during the summer and an examination revealed that his alcohol level at that time the blood was greater than the permitted limit of 0.8 percent, slightly more than two beers. The court case is still open.

Belisario not seem worried, despite the rain of versions that have come from the north, portraying him as a headache for the Lakers. Theirs has been a serial novel since he did not attend practices in February.

It has been said that the Dodgers were upset by their lack. Who had lost his appointment at the embassy of the United States. That the Department of State does not want to give visa, due to judicial office filed against him. More than twice missed the meeting at the embassy, although the equipment itself is making efforts to help in the trance.

“I’m not dating,” the pitcher. “I do not have to make an appointment, because the players make us a special interview. I went to the embassy, I did what I had to do and I’m waiting.”

Ned Colletti, general generte blue, seemed disheartened, in remarks published on ESPN Los Angeles.

“I can not worry about those things over which I have zero control,” said Colletti. “If that is presented. If not, then no.”

There is much reason to miss the presence of right-hander in the fields of Arizona. A year ago, ran 70.2 innings, struck out 64 opponents and finished with 2.04 of ERA in the regular season. Fire-fighting was one of the most used by Torre, sometimes even abuse.

Colletti looked at the possibility of including Venezuela on the shortlist, so you can start the campaign off the active roster without going through waivers. This is because the maracayero missing options in his contract and should be exposed to the desire of other teams, should be sent to the minors.

Torre admitted that he felt very uncomfortable, if Belisarius finally get her visa and is submitted to spring trainning with the effect of having lost three weeks of work in Arizona.

The shooter calls for calm, while waiting for clearance from the embassy, to finally say this in the field of the Dodgers.

“In a week and a half I’ll be ready,” he reiterated. “I’ll bullpen twice already, will stay in shape to pitch a game.”