As the Dodgers welcome back Rafael Furcal and return Chin-Lung Hu to Albuquerque, Joe Torre indicated to reporters that Thursday’s start for Charlie Haeger will be his last chance to show the team something.

“Now that he’s healthy, it’s the best time to make a decision on him,” Torre said, according to the Dodgers PR department. “He had a good outing last time and threw the knuckleball for strikes. He’s going to have to show us something; tomorrow is his shot. We’ll make room for him tomorrow.”

Travis Schlichting is the most likely player to go to Albuquerque to make room for Haeger. Then, if Haeger bombs out, I think then you might see Haeger designated for assignment and another reliever like Jon Link recalled Friday.

Furcal talked to Ken Gurnick of about the final days before his father’s tragic passing.

… “My mother and brother didn’t tell me how bad it was, they didn’t want to tell me while I was playing,” said Furcal. “But the doctors explained to my wife that if I wanted to see him alive, I had to get there. Thank God to the Dodgers for letting me go for the last three days of his life.

“When I got there, he looked so bad. But he saw me and was so happy, he tried to get up, but couldn’t because of the surgery. He was waiting for me, I think.”