It’s the most wonderful summertime post-All Star break Sunday of the year

Jae C. Hong/APJamey Carroll slides home with the Dodgers’ eighth run in the eighth inning on the eighth day of the eighth month.

Three hits and a walk for Jamey Carroll? Two hits and three runs for Ronnie Belliard? An RBI single from the newest Dodger, Jay Gibbons? Four runs in the first inning, on the way to a five-run, 8-3 victory?

It’s time to see how today’s Dodger victory measures up on … The Laugher Scale!

August Laughers: No. 2, behind Wednesday’s 9-0 win over San Diego!

Post All-Star Laughers: Also No. 2!

Summertime Laughers: No. 5! Behind Dodgers 14, Diamondbacks 1 (July 3), Dodgers 7, Cubs 0 (July 11), Dodgers 8, Giants 2 (June 30), but ahead of Dodgers 9, Yankees 4 (June 26, laughs chilled by use of Jonathan Broxton with a big lead).

Putting That 8-14 Start Behind Us Laughers:  A fine No. 9, behind Dodgers 12, Reds 0 (June 15), Dodgers 12, Cardinals 4 (June 7), Dodgers 13, Diamondbacks 3 (May 11), Dodgers 9, Pirates 3 (May 2).

2010: A Laugher Odyssey: Almost heaven at No. 11, behind Dodgers 14, Reds 6 (April 21), Dodgers 10, Pirates 2 (April 8)!

Home Laughers: No. 5!

Sunday Laughers: No. 3!

Sunday Summertime Laughers: No. 2!

Sunday Summertime Post-All-Star Laughters: No. 1! No. 1! No. 1! Celebrate good times, come on!

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