Jay Gibbons, whose entire stint with the Dodgers has been a form of redemption, lost some with two failed catches in the first two innings today that contributed to four of the six runs allowed by Clayton Kershaw.

Jonathan Broxton is still searching for redemption. Broxton, who walked five in 32 2/3 innings before June 27, has walked 23 in 29 innings since and had to be bailed out after loading the bases in his short stint.

But Matt Kemp got some, tying the game with a homer in the seventh and RBI double in the ninth. George Sherrill got some, striking out Carlos Gonzalez with the bases loaded in the top of the 11th. And after eight seasons in the minors, A.J. Ellis continues to get his, stroking yet another hit with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 11th to cap a 7-for-8 weekend and win today’s game, 7-6.

And so the Dodgers got some, rallying from a 6-1 deficit to send the fans home smiling, if only for tonight. For a team that seemed to need the plug pulled early, it was a sight worth seeing.

Redemption operates on its own timetable, that’s for sure. With the Dodgers spending most of the past two months as its cuckold, it was nice to see it come around today, even if it’s still two-timing us.