No Cogs and Dogs today — we’ll be gearing up for the season finale edition in two weeks.

  • The Dodgers had 47 baserunners in three games against Colorado, yet didn’t take a lead until after the final pitch of the final game was thrown.
  • Joshua Fisher of Dodger Divorce was profiled by Billy Witz in the New York Times, which positioned Fisher as a future front office executive.
  • Today’s resumption of the McCourt trial kicked off with the SUV that Jamie McCourt was a passenger in, en route downtown, striking a pedestrian, according to KNBC reporter Conan Nolan. Update: The Associated Press reports that it was unclear whether McCourt was in the car when the incident happened.
  • Many think Casey Blake should or will become a part-time player for the Dodgers in 2011. As far as third-base alternatives, if the Dodgers want Andy LaRoche back (which they probably don’t), they can probably pick him up for cheap (which they probably won’t). From Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (via Dodger Thoughts commenter Hollywood Joe):

    … Neal Huntington, the Pirates’ general manager, must decide this winter whether or not to tender an arbitration offer to Andy LaRoche, though that seems unlikely.

    “Obviously, when we traded for Andy, we expected more,” Huntington said. “It’s tough to go from playing regularly to a bench role, and it can take time to get used to it. Some never get used to it. We’ve talked a lot about quantity of quality. We need to have a number of good prospects at every position. Andy LaRoche has a good chance to bounce back. You see guys like this in the All-Star Game every year. But, to this point, Andy is one example of why you can’t count on just that one prospect. They don’t always make it.”

    Believe it or not, LaRoche, who turned 27 last week, has now amassed more than 1,200 plate appearances in the majors, and he has a career OPS of .640.

  • Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness wants John Lindsey to get a longer look in the season’s final two weeks.
  • Tony Jackson of has the outline of the guest managing jobs Joe Torre will hand out over the season’s final weekend. Normally, Torre lets a player manage the team if there’s a meaningless final game, but Torre is saving that for himself and moving up the guest job a day or two.
  • The one Dodger this season to have the top Web Gem on ESPN’s nightly recap has been … Ronnie Belliard. The highest-ranking Pacific Time Zone team on the team list is Seattle at 17th.