The strongest indication that there will not be a settlement in the McCourt divorce case emerged today.  From The Associated Press:

A judge declared an impasse Tuesday over efforts to settle who owns the Los Angeles Dodgers after a bitter divorce between the couple who bought the team six years ago.

Superior Court Judge Peter Lichtman had given both sides more than a week to accept a settlement proposal, which was kept confidential.

Lichtman declared an impasse and reported it to Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon, who presided over an 11-day trial that centered on whether a postnuptial marital agreement is valid, said court spokeswoman Patricia Kelly.

Attorney Marc Seltzer, who represents Frank McCourt, said in a statement that his client accepted the proposal by Lichtman.

“He felt it was the responsible thing to do for his family, the Dodgers organization and the entire community,” Seltzer said.

An impasse occurs when two sides are unable to reach an agreement, which likely means Jamie McCourt rejected the proposal, Seltzer said. Lichtman wasn’t going to inform either side if the other hadn’t accepted the deal.

Michael Kump, a lawyer for Jamie McCourt, couldn’t say if his client agreed or declined the proposal.

“We believe the court ordered complete confidentiality regarding the settlement proposal and everything related to it,” Kump said. “It would be a violation if we said anything at all.” …

I was under the impression that Gordon would issue a ruling before the month was out, but AP says he could take until Jan. 19.

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