Scott Podsednik’s offseason odyssey ends in Toronto

When the Dodgers picked up their half of Scott Podsednik’s option, that seemed like a shaky choice … but not half as shaky as when the 34-year-old said thanks but no thanks to the guaranteed $2 million and chose free agency. Months went by, and it was not until today that Podsednik signed a 2011 contract.

It’s a minor-league deal, for which we haven’t seen the terms — it’s entirely possible that Podsednik will make the major-league roster and end up with the kind of money he had envisioned, but I can’t imagine this offseason went the way he imagined.

Here’s some comment on Podsednik’s Blue Jays future from Josh Alper at Fanhouse:

… Podsednik will have a pretty good shot at winning a spot on the roster. The Jays could use a leadoff man and Podsednik fits the offensive criteria a bit better than Rajai Davis. They also could be looking at a time share at the designated hitter position where Podsednik could split duties with Travis Snider and Juan Rivera as the Jays look to avoid too much of a defensive disaster in left field. There’s also the possibility that the Jays will be forced to use Jose Bautista at third base, although that seems like a last resort.

So there’s room for Podsednik to earn a job. Assuming he can repeat last year’s production, he could even play quite a bit, although one imagines they’d rather see Rivera and Snider win regular roles with Podsednik and Davis splitting time and providing doses of speed to a lineup that’s short on it.

The Dodgers traded Elisaul Pimentel and Lucas May for Podsednik on July 28.

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