I woke up itching to compile a To Do list for the Dodgers’ new ownership. I’ll start it up, and if I’ve missed anything important, I’ll update it with some of your suggestions in the comments.

In no particular order:

  • Overall fiscal responsibility, which implies knowing when and where to spend as well as when and where not to spend. Responsibility means neither miserliness nor excess.
  • Long-awaited renovations to the beautiful but aging Dodger Stadium, with particular attention to the medieval restrooms.
  • Retention of the best personnel in the Dodger front office integrated with a pursuit of the best personnel outside the front office.
  • An expert analysis of Dodger Stadium security and enactment of a forward-thinking plan.
  • A reevaluation of Dodger food, parking and concession prices. No one’s saying the place should become a 99 Cent Store, but there has to be some sense. Fans shouldn’t have to pay for Prince Fielder with every hot dog.
  • Matt Kemp. Clayton Kershaw.
  • The post-2013 local TV deal, of course.
  • A reevaluation of Dodger Stadium fan atmosphere, including signage and music (including a restoration of Nancy Bea to proper prominence).
  • Anything Vin Scully wants or needs. If he wants coffee, you get it for him.
  • Better wireless access in the stadium. In 2012, fans shouldn’t be struggling to get a signal.
  • Elimination of “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” from the eighth inning and in “God Bless America” from the seventh inning except on the rarest of occasions. “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” will suffice.
  • Remove the restrictions on routes for exiting the parking lot after games.
  • Do not insult the intelligence of the Dodger community.