With so many moves already made this offseason, I thought I’d check in with an overview of how the 2012 National League West is shaping up.

Keep in mind that there’s still plenty of tinkering to be done between now and Opening Day, so think of this as a progress report — and one with the caveat that I might not have every slot filled exactly as the teams’ general managers would. If you have any suggestions for better choices, let me know.

Arizona Colorado Los Angeles San Diego San Francisco
C Montero Hernandez Ellis Hundley Posey
1B Goldschmidt Helton Loney Guzman Belt
2B Hill Herrera Ellis Hudson Sanchez
SS Drew Tulowitzki Gordon Bartlett Crawford
3B Roberts LeMahieu Uribe Headley Sandoval
LF Parra Smith Rivera Blanks Cabrera
CF Young Fowler Kemp Maybin Pagan
RF Upton Gonzalez Ethier Venable Schierholtz
Bench Bloomquist Young Hairston Kotsay Pill
Bench Blum Colvin Kennedy Denorfia Fontenot
Bench Overbay Giambi Gwynn Cabrera Burriss
Bench Blanco Nelson Sands Baker Huff
Bench McDonald Pacheco Treanor Parrino Stewart
SP Kennedy Chacin Kershaw Latos Lincecum
SP Hudson Slowey Billingsley Stauffer Cain
SP Cahill Hammel Lilly Luebke Bumgarner
SP Collmenter Pomeranz Harang Moseley Vogelsong
SP Miley White Capuano Richard Zito
RP Putz Betancourt Jansen Street Wilson
RP Hernandez Belisle Guerra Gregerson Romo
RP Ziegler Lindstrom Lindblom Frieri Casilla
RP Saito Reynolds Elbert Thatcher Lopez
RP Breslow Brothers Guerrier Spence Affeldt
RP Shaw Escalona Hawksworth Brach Runzler
25th man Paterson Mortensen Oeltjen Forsythe Edlefsen

Update: The Dodgers just sent a list of their non-roster invitees to date for 2012 Spring Training.

RHP Angel Guzman
RHP Fernando Nieve
RHP Jose Ascanio
RHP Ryan Tucker
RHP Shane Lindsay
RHP Will Savage
LHP Alberto Castillo
LHP Matt Chico
LHP Scott Rice
LHP Wilfredo Ledezma
C Josh Bard
INF Jeff Baisley
INF Lance Zawadzki
INF Luis Cruz
OF Cory Sullivan