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Durocher Day

Dodger Thoughts commenter Bob Hendley passed along this photo of Leo Durocher and Laraine Day with his mother-in-law in Santo Domingo during Spring Training. 1948. Very cool.

Speaking of Durocher: Variety reported Wednesday that Christopher Meloni has been cast to play Durocher in “42,” the upcoming feature film starring Chadwick Boseman as Jackie Robinson and Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey.

For more on Durocher, check out chapter 57 of 100 Things Dodgers Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die: “The Head-Spinning, Allegiance-Shifting, Authority-Defying Leo Durocher.”

Elsewhere …

  • Josh Wilker of Cardboard Gods: still writing, still wonderful.
  • Today in Jon SooHoo: Pitching in his first major-league game in Canada on May 17, 2001, Eric Gagne gets a standing ovation from fans in Montreal. In that game, Gagne allowed two solo homers in the first inning, then pitched two-hit, shutout ball over the next five innings, striking out seven and walking none — but the Dodgers lost, 3-1.
  • Steven Cohen, one of the well-funded Dodger bidders, is pursuing a minority share in the Mets for the time being, according to Bill Shaikin of the Times. If Cohen ended up winning on the Dodgers’ front, he would then sell that Mets share. Shaikin notes that “Cohen has cleared a Major League Baseball investigation, the people said, which could bode well for his chances in the Dodgers sweepstakes.”
  • “The Verducci Effect,” which states that young pitchers who have large increases in innings pitched will decline the following year, is built on faulty methodology, concludes Derek Carty of Baseball Prospectus.
  • Former Dodger pitcher Vicente Padilla is facing legal problems in Nicaragua over child support payments. That could prevent him from reporting to Spring Training on time, although the amount in question has been reported to be only $4,200.
  • Instant-replay reviews in sports aren’t as cut-and-dry as you might think, writes David Cohen in his column for Variety.
  • Here’s a cute follow-up from Volkswagen to last year’s awesome kiddie Darth Vader ad for the Super Bowl.


‘Here Come the Geese’


Keeping busy in their spare time


  1. Lol, I loved that Kid Vader commercial and this new one is great too.

  2. Edwin Jackson signs with the Nationals, his seventh home. Guy always has to stay one step ahead of Dodger Thoughts. 

    • Anonymous

      Edwin’s legacy may be embodying the term “journeyman.”

    • Anonymous

      That gives the Nats 5 starters (last year’s stats):
      Lannan (26)  184 IP  ERA+ 104
      Zimmerman (25)  161 IP  ERA+ 122
      Jackson (27)  200IP  ERA+ 106
      Gonzalez (25) 202 IP  ERA+ 130
      Steven Strasburg (24)  Coming off surgery
      I like this group.

  3. Jon,
    Wasn’t aware of the site before the evil empire hookup but I’m a loyal reader now and will follow regardless of the local.

  4. Hey Jon, ESPN magazine said that Pujols contract was a 20 year commitment involving him being in some role with the Angels after his playing days are over. I thought that was kind of interesting.

  5. Anonymous

    $4200 goes a long way in Managua.

    • Anonymous

      I read it as $540. Perhaps that was $540 per month for 8 months, which would come to $4320. Or something. I can’t get $4200 out of $540.

    • Jack Dawkins

      I can never hear the name Managua without thinking of this ditty:

      While looking it up I noted that in early 1947 this went to #1, #4, and #9 on the billboard charts, with three different bands.

  6. cburkhardt

    Hey Jon, I’ve been a daily reader for a number of years, but this is my first time commenting. Don’t know why, but the ESPNLA commenting section just didn’t seem that inviting. Keep up the good work! As a father of 3 kids (3yrs, 2yrs, and 2 days old), I definitely can relate to when family needs to take priority, but please keep sharing with us your thoughts on fatherhood from time to time too!

    • Anonymous

       “…and 2 days old…”Congratulations Dad (and Mom)!!!

  7. Anonymous

    Kids’ music thoughts – our family always enjoyed Dan Zanes. It was great to discover him and not have to listen to the Wiggles on long trips any more.

    •  Yeah, I like him a lot.

    • Anonymous

      He’s fantastic. We like Laurie Berkner too for real young kids. 

      • Anonymous

        Dang it. I thought I had the “Buzz Buzz Buzz” song out of my head for the past 3 hours. Thanks a lot botkin.

    • thanks for this I will check it out. Currently I am stuck with Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Phineas and Ferb CD’s on auto repeat… which are both good, considering…

  8. I’ve been trying to get your book,”100 things Dodger fans should know and Do before they die” for over a year now. Thanks.

    •  Trying, but failing?

      • Anonymous

        his name IS Pierre after all :)

        • Anonymous

          That’s a low blow, Marty.

        • Anonymous

          But Pierre NEVER strikes out!  What would be the internet-shopping equivalent of a popup to the left side of the infield? 

    • Anonymous

      Uh, there’s a link in the right-hand column (and always has been, at every location this blog has occupied). First item under “Other Writing by Jon”.

  9. Anonymous

    Has anyone been cast to play Clyde Sukeforth yet?

  10. John Stodder

    So, Jon, how does it feel?  How does it feel, to be on your own? Like a rolling stone?

  11.  The Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago White Sox along with the Pima County
    Sports and Tourism Authority and the Tucson Padres today announced that
    the two Major League clubs will play a Spring Training contest in
    Tucson next month with all proceeds going to the Christina-Taylor Green
    Memorial Foundation. The game will be held at Kino Veterans Memorial
    Stadium on Friday, March 23, at 1:05 p.m. 

  12. I hope this isn’t a rule 5 violation to say that I really am rooting against Steve Cohen as owner of the Dodgers. Yes, he’s rich, but I’ve heard and read some terrible things about him that sour me on the whole idea.  Go Magic (and co.), go!

    • Anonymous

      Unless you’re explicitly citing his political preferences, whatever they are, I can’t see how this is a Rule 5 violation. What I’ve read about him, however, does suggest that he’s ethically challenged.

      • Anonymous

        Just a guess that most, if not all, of the main players in this purchase share political views.

      • Yeah I guess it’d be less political per se, though still opinionated. :)  Yes, “ethically challenged” seems to be a good way of putting that. Let’s go with that one. He also likes art! <— a summation that doesn't quite doing him justice

  13. John Stodder

    Trying again, with less extra potential Rule 5 verbiage:  John Stodder = Dzzrt Ratt

    • Anonymous

      Yo Dzzrt Ratt. Always enjoyed your long intelligent posts.

  14. Not that we have a choice, but going back to that article that says EJAX might become Schmidt, who would u all rather have, him or Billingsley going forward…?

  15. Gary Smith

    I notice that some posters names are a link to email and some are not, mine included. Is this a setting ? if so where ?

    • Anonymous

      I think it depends what you’re using to sign in with… Im trying to figure it out too, I aint trying to use Christopher as my ID.

    • If you logged in with a Disqus account, you can go to and edit your profile.  There’s a field to put a link to a website.  If you logged in with Twitter, Facebook or Yahoo, it will link to your profile on those sites.  It should not link to an email address.

  16. Life magazine: Natalie Wood: 25 Rare, Luminous Portraits

  17. I have to make a comment about Meloni as Durocher.  He’s a terrific actor and I bet he’ll be great in the part–in a way I cannot, for the life of me, envision Harrison Ford as Branch Rickey; Robert Redford was to play him before and while that is a little better, I am unsure there.  I wonder who would be the ideal Rickey now.  But Meloni has showed he can do that part.

  18. KT

    Test Again

  19. Anyone who feels about Bleacher Report as I do will especially find this funny:,27259/
    (check out the last line, too, for a Dodger connection of sorts)

  20. Anonymous

    I guess I know why I couldn’t log in at work. I was logged on at home.

  21. Anonymous

    I stll can’t reply to others posts. Anybody else?

  22. Anonymous

    testing……old LAT commenter… name

  23. Anonymous

    Hi Jon. Had some computer issues getting to this site but now I’ve found it. This is your Vero Beach-Dodgertown-History Professor in Missouri reader. Started with the Toaster and have been on ever since. Best blog out there and the only baseball blog I read. Thanks for all of the work that you put into this for your readers.

    BTW, how about the recruiting class for Florida State!

  24. Anonymous

    Just wanted to stop in – feels like home in here.  DT was my first intro to the world of Dodger blogging and even participated in the DT BBQ in Elysian park where we had the infamous whiffle ball game.  Since DT left the toaster, I moved back to the LA area, got engaged, got married, got a cat, bought a home, and my wife is now expecting.  I’ve been on TBLA more recently, but now will definitely drop in more often back to this “home.”

  25. Anonymous

    Hello to all. I’ve read here in the past but never posted. I’m going to try to post from time to time & really look forward to this season and the changes that are starting. It’ll be fun to talk about baseball for a change!

  26. Andrew Shimmin

    It’s been, like, two hours, since anybody said anything. New DT has gotten stale and predictable. I’m going to go see if has come back, yet.

  27. Anonymous

    Toaster/Times DT had an east coast morning crew…anybody up this morning?

  28. Leo Durocher was a fascinating guy…not always admirable…but sometimes very admirable. And sometimes downright dispicable. He managed of and on from 1939 to 1973 (he managed Pete Reiser, Willie Mays, and Cesar Cedeno!) but only won 1 World Series, which is somewhat surprising. I was always thought that a first class writer working with Durocher’s life story could write a biography that would be a representative overview of a mid-century America that no longer exists. He did have an entertaining, ghost-written autobiography published, called “Nice Guys Finish Last” which was highly entertaining, and probably about 50% true. If you can find it in a used book store or on Amazon, check it out…

  29. Anonymous

    So is Kershaw going to arbitration? When is his date? What do you guys think?

    • Anonymous

      As of now his “court date” is Feb 14..Dodgers are offering 6.5MM, Kershaw wants 10MM. Timmy got 8MM in his first arb eligible contract (the largest ever..but also coming off his 2nd Cy Young). I’d say Klaw will get right around 8-8.5MM..not a bad raise from last years $500,000..

    • Anonymous

      I’d be pretty surprised it were to go to arbitration.  They’ll settle at the 11th hour.  That’s usually how it works.

      • Anonymous

        Agree. I can’t see management wanting to drag your new young CY winner to court for a paltry 2MM or so. Then again, the whole “management” term may throw a wrench into the works..

  30. KT

    I’ve have a problem with trying to respond with my phone.It let’s me type my response but then asks for my login info, I can type in my user ID but when I try to scroll down to type in my password the screen scrolls and then the password box can’t be accessed to type my password in. How can I stop it from scrolling? I have a blackberry bold

  31. Anonymous

    And the Dodgers have not actually gone to arb in eons. Surely they won’t with the best pitcher they have produced, and I’m biting my lip as I type, ever. Back to can’t reply again. :-(

  32. KT

    testing avatar again

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