‘Here Come the Geese’

This song, “Here Come the Geese,” is on a Barenaked Ladies album for kids, but I really dig it for some reason.

It’s from the album Snacktime, which I would include on any recommendations for kids’ music.

One of these days I might post a desert-island discs list for parents. For starters, They Might Be Giants would be on there as well.

* * *

Just a reminder, because it’s been a while since I’ve said this in a post: Any Dodger Thoughts thread is an open chat thread. You can talk about old topics, new topics or out-of-the-blue topics …

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Z6N6C2M3YAELF4TS22C4BKW25M Delino

    It’s not a perfect (or imperfect) analogy, but the decisions of the Dodger Thoughts and Bronx Banter authors to leave the Toaster (and the Toaster’s subsequent unplugging) can be likened to the phenomenon of urban renewal. 

    While tearing down the old and replacing it with the new can advance the careers (and pad the pocketbooks) of certain elites involved with the new, doing so often comes at a cost in the form of destroyed community for those who were residing in the old.

    The day the Toaster was unplugged remains the saddest day I’ve experienced on the Internets.

    • Andrew Shimmin

      There goes the neighborhood.

  • Anonymous

    Oh the Toaster! Those were good times.

    Congrats, on the new digs, Jon!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Dave-Pomerantz/3608376 Dave Pomerantz

    Seeing the outpouring of love for the old Baseball Toaster site makes me a little sad I didn’t discover Dodger Thoughts until later.  But discover it I did, and it’s now among my top 3 favorite blogs.

    • Anonymous

      Jon is trying to get his hipster cred back. However, hipster cred is not negotiable with American financial institutions.

      • http://underdog.typepad.com/ underdog

        Is that a margin call back?

  • Anonymous

    Kids music — I HIGHLY recommend Justin Roberts.  He has done around 7 albums now, with the most recent stuff being his best work.  The songs are for kids but are still a joy to parents ears, something I have struggled with in the past.  If you are a Christian, he also has made two terrific albums about Bible stories.

  • Anonymous

    From Eric Fisher of SBJ:
    “#Dodgers, which took merch biz back in-house as part of bankruptcy case, said on Twitter they’re slashing merch prices at stadium 20-50%”

    • Anonymous

       Time to get that Saito t-shirt.

  • Anonymous

    Though I fall into the lurker category, I too have been following DT since Toaster days, and wherever it should go, I shall follow. The insights and commentary beyond the box score and clubhouse make this site a part of my daily life. Thank you Jon, for what you’ve put together here.

    Oh, I recommend Farmer Jason’s music for kids.

  • Anonymous

    My first post on the new site.  I used to go by Old Dodger Fan but thought it was time for something new. 

  • Anonymous

    It will be a lot more enjoyable to comment on actual transactions in the coming years as opposed to the last three years of roster charades we’ve been subjected to.  I’ve been too bitter to comment anywhere much during the downslide.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5PLVK7VEIPQAIVYZVS2J5NGUEA Joe Pierre

      I haven’t figure out any other way to comment on this blog so I decide to   the click “Reply”.

  • http://twitter.com/Derek_TC Derek TC

    The only reason I have any issues with this style commenting system is because I do most of my reading and commenting on DT with my phone. To refresh you have to scroll up to the top, then after the refresh you have to scroll back to find your place and also, every time you refresh it goes back to sort by oldest first. Just have to get used to it again. No big deal, the content Jon provides, as well as, the commentary other DTers bring makes it worth it.

    • http://www.dodgerthoughts.com/ Jon Weisman

       It’s a little awkward, I admit.

  • http://www.dodgerthoughts.com/ Jon Weisman

    New post up top. 

  • http://ken.arneson.name/ Ken Arneson

    They Might Be Giants and Tom Chapin are our primary source of kids music that won’t drive the parents insane.

  • http://www.linkmeister.com/wordpress/ Linkmeister

     Well, yeah, but my memory is that Ken just couldn’t devote the time required to keep the Toaster running anymore, so it’s not like DT and BB deserted the front lines at the first sign of enemy fire.

  • Anonymous

    The Wiggles always have good kids music

  • Anonymous

    No mention of the Banana Slug String Band and their killer hit, “Dirt Made My Lunch”?


    What kind of parents are you?