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Magic Johnson documentary ‘The Announcement’ headed to ESPN

Airdate: March 11


It’s time for more softball and Les Nessman


The Internet reaches its pinnacle: Howard Cosell and Jan Smithers


  1. Anonymous

    Jon, this is utterly off topic, but I’m wondering if you might know anything about Daniel Espinosa, the Swedish director of “Safe House” with Denzel Washington. I can only find skimpy bio info about him, but Espinosa is obviously not a conventional Swedish name and, given his 1977 birth date, I’m guessing his parents were Chilean refugees, many of whom went to Sweden after 1973.

  2. What Would the End of Football Look Like?

  3. Onlyatriple

    One of those moments in history:   I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news.  I suppose this is also one of those rare times when what seemed like a personal tragedy for him, and a collective loss for our city, became a teachable moment for the world, and the world actually listened and learned.  20 years later, he is a true leader of our city in business, civic affairs, and philanthropy.  Has there ever been a sports figure who ended up contributing so much to his city after he retired from the field of play?  And perhaps, perhaps, he will end up restoring that other LA team…

  4. Anonymous

    Pardon me for not watching that clip. Lived in SoCal then, went to handful of Laker games a year. Locked myself in my room and cried for about 2 days.

  5. Anonymous

    With AIDS mortality so very high at the time, I thought for sure that he was a goner. I remember being very angry at him at first because he was the greatest basketball player in history at the time and was on MY team. How could he do this to us? But then I was very sad because the guy was the greatest basketball player in history at the time and was on MY team and we were going to lose him. To this day I see his survival as a miracle and he truly is “Magic.”

  6. Anonymous

    I was only 11 at the time, but 07 November 1991 will be a date I’ll never forget.  My dad told me the news when I got home from school, and I remember not really grasping what it meant, only that he was going to die soon.  Fast-forward 20+ years, and he’s in better shape than I am. 

  7. Anonymous

    Not trying to be sick or demented but, if Magic were to become our owner and he died. Who would be the owner then. Would we have to go through all of this again or what?

  8. Phil Gurnee

    Easily the most crushing news related to sports of my life. Sucks getting old, but at least those of us my age saw Magic Johnson from beginning to end………and Kirk Gibson. Suck it whippersnappers. 

  9. Anonymous

    The Kansas City Royals are reuniting the broadcast team of Steve Physioc and Rex Hudler. 

    • Anonymous

      Fortunately, they’re out of radio range here.

      • Anonymous

        Time to invest in! Or maybe Extra Innings. But I think you should get the former, so you can watch them anywhere in the world!

        • Anonymous

          Actually, I do get MLBTV, but that doesn’t mean I have to watch or listen to Physioc and Hudler.

          • Anonymous

            You could play it really loudly sometime as a distress signal to alert neighbors that something is amiss. It’s probably cheaper than Life Alert.

          • Anonymous

            In fairness, it’s not as if Steiner and Lyons are much better.

        • Anonymous

          What is the difference between the two?

    • Anonymous

      Wasnt Hurled arrested in KC?

  10. Mitchell clears waivers, is outrighted to Triple-A

  11. Anonymous

    I cried at the Magic news, primary reason why I don’t want him owning the Dodgers is that I never want a reason to hate Magic.  If he owns the Dodgers, that becomes a risk….

  12. Anonymous

    In other news – I am so amped about the softball tourney that I am bouncing in my seat.  I WANNA PLAY NOW!  NOW!  

  13. KT

    I had just gotten into town to visit my folks as I was PCSing from Norfolk to Guam…I couldn’t believe it and I as others thought that he was a dead man walking…I glad he was only a carrier and not fully infected…He is a great player and person

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