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The Internet reaches its pinnacle: Howard Cosell and Jan Smithers

Does the World Wide Web get any better than this? Howard Cosell analyzes Jan Smithers while she sits in a dunk tank at the mercy of Dick Van Patten in 1979 on Battle of the Network Stars.

“This is a very serious girl, in point of fact,” Cosell concludes.


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  1. Anonymous

    that was the only Cosell quote that didn’t sound creepy, just a little bit patronizing

    and my oh my, she is lovely

  2. I feel suddenly delirious.

    Good luck to DT and TBLA at the tournament. I’m expecting to see gap doubles by both Jon & HJ on the scorecards.

  3. Anonymous

    Must have killed Cosell to get this assignment.

  4. Anonymous

    Billy Crystal with the color commentary.

  5. Anonymous

    I still have a soft spot in my heart for the Battle of the PBS Network Stars: 

  6. The Cosell quote I remember is on MNF when some small black receiver caught a pass and headed for the end zone. Cosell said “Look at that little monkey go!”

  7. Anonymous

    We play this dunking game where I live at Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s Feast of San Paolinis, in early July every summer,  only they use a clown. Now I know how they can get more people to throw the ball at the target.

  8. KT

    Looking forward to meeting all of you guys tomorrow. My kids and I will be traveling up from San Diego to take in a few games before traveling down the street a couple of miles to my folks house to play with the cousins…Looks like it’s going to be a nice day

  9. Are you kidding me?  This is GOLD, Jonny.  GOLD.

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