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A good day had by all

Though there was no stopping the bats of top-seeded LFP 2 in its 31-7 semifinal victory over Dodger Thoughts, the day was nothing but a success. I couldn’t have gotten a better bunch of teammates if I tried – just a lot of fun to spend the day with. Thanks to Mike at LFP and Big League Dreams for putting on a great event.


Into the semis


Somewhere under the rainbow


  1. Anonymous

    It was an absolute BLAST! Thanks to Mike Brown of for putting this thing together, but man am I sore – haha!

  2. Thank you Jon for letting me be apart of the team. It was a BLAST!

  3. Anonymous

    So who won it all? When will we see the highlights?

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks Jon and of course Mike Brown for putting this on and to all my great teammates out there today at Big League Dreams, it was definitely a dream day and the most fun I have had playing sports in a long, long time.  The DT team did great and ended up losing to the eventual champs.

  5. KT

    After visiting you Jon, my son went over to my parents house and took out his agression of not being able to play ball with you guys on his 1 yr old cousin. First with a plastic bat slightly across the head and then when that didn’t get enough attention a slam dunk of the wiffle ball on top of the noggin.
    Disclaimer: No kids were hurt in the making of this post (just a bruised ego for the noggin slam)
    Just got home to SD about 1.5 hrs ago…lot of traffic heading back…lucky no rain to deal with the crazy drivers out there.

  6. Wish the team picture were less fuzzy – oh well.  Should have kept Jon SooHoo around. 

  7. New post up top. 

  8. Glad everyone had a great time

  9. Anonymous

    CONGRATS DT – quite a team of ballplayers

  10. Anonymous

    This was an excellent day and I had a fantastic time with you all. Jon is right, you could not ask for a better group of people to spend the day with. Thanks to the organizers and thanks to the Dodger Thoughts team! (I still say first place, non-ringer division.) I would go into battle with any of you fine gentlemen (and Mary) again!

    I posted a little review from my point of view on my blog (so far the first part, as I’m going to bed now):

    Matt Worland

  11. Thomas Beatty

    I want in next year!

  12. Was great to meet you. Keep up the good work. Having hit a home run at “Dodger Stadium” on Saturday, my life is now complete-ish. :-) Keep up the good work. – Owen from

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