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Somewhere under the rainbow

One more for the road …


A good day had by all


Jon Weisman is in the best shape of his life


  1. KT

    LAT’ed from previous post:

    I was wondering about the pictures…I just thought my eyes were tired

    Also It was good meeting you Jon…My daughter has you ranked up there with celebrity status

  2. Anonymous

    Nice meeting you all out at the gamesE

  3. Anonymous


    CONGRATS DT – quite a team!

  4. Anonymous

    The rainbow was the perfect cap (so to speak) on a memorable day all around.

    LFP beat my team, Dodgers Diaries, 18-12 in the final.  We had a lead, but then they put up a 13-spot.  Congrats to them and to Mike Brown for running a great tournament.  

    Let’s hope it’s merely the first of an annual tradition.  It was a pleasure meeting so many of you.

    • Anonymous

      How much did it cost you out of pocket to round up those ringers?  Those boys hit some bombs

      • Anonymous

        We only hit one bomb all night, or less than half as many as the LFP hit against us.  Those are largely the guys I play pickup softball with on Saturday.  

      • Anonymous

        When we (Opinion of Kingman’s Performance) played them, we got one of our outs against them for hitting their fourth home run of the game – they were mashers! (even their ladies were studs… well… you know what I mean – haha!).

  5. Here’s the pic I took with the magic Jon SooHoo’s camera:

  6. Anonymous

    Awesome time playing DT two times!  Though we ended up serving up batting practice to you all in those two games, it was a GREAT time had by everyone.  Looking forward to doing it again, or at least another multi-blog meet up in the future.  Next up – the season!

  7. Looked like a heck of a fun way to spend with fellow Dodger fans in early February.  It was a good day for baseball.  My seven year old daughter and I were planning to run on the CSUF track which was closed. Not disappointed for long, we heard a ruckus going on above us at Goodwin Field.  Sure enough it was the annual CSUF Titan Alumni Game – no charge.  We stayed for a few innings.  In the house – Chad Cordero, Ricky Romero (Blue Jays) and the first Titan great…Tim Wallach.

  8. New post up top. 

  9. Anonymous

    >Let’s hope it’s merely the first of an annual tradition.  It was a pleasure meeting so many of you.<

    I sure hope so, I have to admit I got a little jealous watching the photos of all 'yall in action…

  10. Anonymous

    As a longtime reader, it was an absolute honor and privilege to represent DodgerThoughts at the tournament.  The tournament was the athletic equivalent of a blind date, but I could not have imagined a better experience.  I went into the tournament not knowing a single person on the team, but I left with 11 new friends.  Thank you all!  I can’t wait until next year.  I hope you all feel better than I do physically because I can barely walk!

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