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Focus on Stan Conte

Dodger senior director of medical services Stan Conte is obviously a key cog in the franchise machine. Molly Knight of ESPN the Magazine has the most insightful piece you’ll probably ever see on his approach, his limitations and his perhaps quixotic goals. (And yes, Jason Schmidt is addressed, though not explained …)

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Howard Cole of the Register’s Dodgers Blog doesn’t want Matt Kemp or his fans to get too wrapped up in all this 50-50 talk.


Braun news threatens to overshadow Sands’ Carlos Perez story


Striking thoughts about Kyle Russell and Billy Ashley


  1. Anonymous

    Steve Dilbeck nails it regarding McCourt and the parking lots. Collectively, the potential new owners have all the cards. If they all simply announe publicly they will no longer consider the purchase without the lots he’s out. And any new group that thinks they will not feel the wrath of the fans for allowing Frank to keep those lots is sadly mistaken. This is also a big chunk of Bud’s legacy on the line here. Hear this here and now Bud and Rich Guys 1-9, there will be no peace if Frank retains a piece.

    •  I said the same thing in November.

      Problem is, it only takes one person to look at the others’ boycotting as an opportunity.

      •  Assuming there is only one bidder willing to forgo the parking lots and the others drop out, wouldn’t that result in a lower overall purchase price from there being no other competition?

        • Anonymous

          Assuming there is no bidder what happens when payroll comes around…another bridge loan?

      • Anonymous

        I said the same thing in November.–Don’t confuse me with someone who cares.

  2. What would stop Frank from charging 50 bucks a car? Or even more if he wanted to?

    • Anonymous

      The invisible hand of the market

    • Anonymous

      What’s to stop him from charging you $5 (or more) to walk across his lot if you parked elsewhere?

      • Anonymous

        Last year proved that the market for Dodgers attendance was somewhat elastic. You can price people out of the stadium, especially if people don’t like it. It’s not like the Dodgers are cigarettes or beer. People found out that they can quit going to the stadium much easier than they thought.

      • Anonymous

        Or worse:
        Release the hounds
        All trespassers will be shot on sight

    • Anonymous

       Frank won’t be charging anyone anything per car. He doesn’t run the parking lot. He only leases them to the Dodgers, for a fixed price ($14 mil per year, I believe). The Dodgers than charge parking per car at what the market will bear, and given they have to pay the rent on the lease. The $14 mil lease remains constant for 5 years, then McCourt can raise the rice, at which point the Dodgers would most likely have to raise the parking charge too.

      McCourt is also allowed to develop the parking lots, but from Shaikin, just to build parking structures, not shops, restaurants, offices, etc. So there’s a limit as to what he could do. The lots have to provide parking for the Dodgers.

      • Anonymous

        I am pretty sure that Dodger Stadium’s property still has a covenant on it that prevents housing from being built on it. That was part of the deal to get the land back from the State of California. Since no public housing would be built on it, the City of Los Angeles had to rededicate the property for a “public use” that was not housing. Somehow, a baseball stadium qualified. It did in part because O’Malley promised to build public parks within the property. But those never came to pass.

      • Thanks as well Berkowit28! As I say above, not that big of a deal then at least from a fan perspective.

  3. Anonymous

    There are plenty of fools in this world, but how many are ready to drop 1.5 VERY large just to have a fanbase hate them intensely? I would submit that’s where we come in. Let it be known in the 4 corners that any deal with Frank involved in anyway is unacceptable. Thinking of TV revenue, announce that we will boycott any advertiser that pays the team a dime if he is still around.

  4. Anonymous

    From what was written yesterday the new owner would set parking rates. Frank collects a yearly lease payment from the new owner.

    • Thanks for the clarification Artieboy..well in that case..not a big deal really and I apologize for not reading that part..I am trying not to read much about the sale..just the baseball stuff.

      • Anonymous

        What I can’t fathom is why would you want to purchase a structure (DS) without the land on which it sits. I asked yesterday if such a situation currently exists…but I didn’t see a response.

  5. Maybe the most upbeat national assessment of the Dodgers you’ll find, from @SI_BenReiter

    • Anonymous

      That resembles my assessment, but I still think the Snakes are the team to beat.

      • Anonymous

        man, are the Giants bats that bad. 

        • Anonymous

          Yes, with lots of question marks. Plus, I think their pitching’s overrated.

    • Anonymous

      Reiter doesn’t seem to have your Phil Dunphy problems.  That’s seeing the glass half-full for sure.

    • Anonymous

      “The Dodgers’ unmatched pair of superstars, centerfielder Matt Kemp and starter Clayton Kershaw, were brilliant throughout…”  feels so good to read that!

  6. Re Conte piece, it’s a great read.  

    And reposting what I said in previous thread, I also wish Dodgers eventually look more toward this sort of forward thinking trainer:

    • Anonymous

      the Conte piece has one glaring fault. It gives the uninformed reader the impression that not only is Colletti a competent GM but one on the cutting edge

  7. Anonymous

    Doesn’t Simer refer to McCourt as the parking lot attendant?

  8. “On March 1, the Dodgers will hold their annual open tryout here at Camelback Ranch – Glendale, hosted by the amateur scouting department. The tryout will take place from 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and potential prospects can call 323-224-1512 for details and instructions.”

    • Anonymous

      Hope it goes better than the one the Eagles held on Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    • Anonymous

      Dare I dream…

      nah, but I over heard a guy at the YMCA 2 days ago (the guy was massive) talking about he was or is playing minor league ball, he or one of his friends might want it, I’ll save the number just in case I run into him again. 

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