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A dome almost grows in Brooklyn

The might-have-been domed new ballpark for the Brooklyn Dodgers and sports center is featured in this four-page story from the July 1956 issue of Mechanix Illustrated (via Baseball Think Factory).


Curious times for Uribe and Ethier


Tinker tailor pitcher spy


  1. Anonymous

     Interesting. I became a Dodger fan in 1956 but, growing up on the West Coast, I was delighted when they moved California. At the same time, I sympathized with Brooklyn fans even though it was another 14 years before I ever even visited the East Coast.

    • Anonymous

      I was also in Southern California rooting for the Brooklyn Dodgers with my earliest memories being the 1955 season.  My Dad, a Dodger fan, would get me to watch a couple of innings of the Game of the Week with him and he said Duke Snider hit a home runs almost every time I watched.

  2. Anonymous

    It was supposed to have pneumatic tubes that would deliver hot dogs to each seat. I’m guessing that most architects would have removed that in the final design.

  3. This new TJ Simers column is so Simers-ian. Right from the first line:

    “I don’t like the Dodgers’ new owner, and we don’t even know who it is yet.”

    After that zinger there was nowhere to go but downhill. Don’t know why I kept reading but I did.,0,2959237.column

    • Anonymous

      It’s not all that bad, but it’s more of Simers repeating his belief that Downtown stadium development is the key to relieving all of the city’s ills. Simers really thinks that L.A. Live has had some sort of transformational effect on Los Angeles.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t read the article yet.  Did he blast the new owner’s wife as well?

  4. Anonymous

    I predict Andre Ethier will change his name to Metta World War.


  5. Anonymous

    Josh Hamilton may soon be available either via trade this year or as a free agent next year.  Anybody interested?

  6. Anonymous

    No. I would sooner give AndretheGrump long term big money, and I am against that. Putting on my InsuranceBruce hat for a moment(which is what my friends here call me), the risk vs. reward is way too high for Behemoth Mutual Casualty co.

    Now there are carriers out there that would write that policy, Lloyd’s or Petersen Int’l to name a couple, but that is a specialty risk that would need to be treated as such. All players are one MCL from retirement, but adding the chemical addiction risk as well, the potental negatives are way too high. His recent episode has likely cost him years and millions. I wish him well both as a player and person, but I certainly would not give him multi-years at double digit millions per.

  7. Anonymous

    If it wasn’t for that city planner Robert Moses it might have happened

  8. Anonymous

    How different would the history of baseball (and really professional sports) be if the Dodgers and Giants didn’t move west?

    • Anonymous

       That’s counter-factual, of course, but it wouldn’t have taken much longer for professional baseball to occupy the west coast.

    • Anonymous

      The AL would have moved out instead and it’s possible that the Senators would have moved West and we’d all be sentimental about Harmon Killebrew and Tony Oliva.

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