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A night at the Neds

Second photo courtesy of BHSportsGuy

Nope, your eyes didn’t deceive you. That was Dodger general manager Ned Colletti at tonight’s Oscars.

I asked Colletti via text message what brought him to the Oscars.

“Once in a lifetime,” he replied. “Tom Sherak (president of the Academy) is a good friend of mine, and I came as his guest.”

As far as the results, I had few complaints. The Artist was my favorite of the nominated films, and Christopher Plummer’s supporting actor victory filled as best as possible my desire for Ewan MacGregor and Beginners to be recognized. I was a bit surprised that Meryl Streep edged Viola Davis in lead actress, but perhaps voters felt Streep’s 2-14 record in Oscar noms entering the evening was getting a little too Anthony Young-like.

The show itself was predictably ragged, incorporating numerous elements that almost seemed designed to turn off both film and television audiences, but the “In Memoriam” approach was the best in recent memory, and the Best Picture montage incorporated one of my favorite soundtrack elements of the year, from Moneyball.

My favorite part of the evening, though, was my 9-year-old’s sudden interest in watching the show and seeing her reactions as she took all this in – for better or worse – for the first time. Of the nominated movies, she had only seen Hugo – but that meant she still got to be excited about multiple awards. And she was happy, as was I, that “Man or Muppet” won for best song (out of the ridiculously low two nominees).


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  1. I don’t understand why neither of the (only) two songs nominated were performed on the show. It used to be the songs were the big production numbers which broke up the monotony.

    •  They have changed the rules in the song category and tightened them more than the Baseball Hall of Fame veterans committee.  There’s a growing revolt against that and I expect this year action will be taken to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

  2. Anonymous

    They should never hire another host again, just let the Cirque du Soliel troupe interpret every category and nominee. My five year old daughter was in awe, her mouth agape. And then I turned the All Star game on and my three year old son was thrilled. Good times.

    •  I kind of thought the Cirque routine was a showstopper in the not-good sense.  Often I’m game for that sort of thing, but I think by that time I felt like the spectacle needed to be shoved aside.

      Chris Rock certainly made a case to be the next host.

      • Anonymous

        Chris Rock is brilliant. 

        To be honest, I watched very little of the show and just happened to flip it on when Cirque was performing. I’m not an awards show guy, even after 20 years of covering music and film, I just don’t get ’em. 

      • I love Chris Rock and would be down with that but wasn’t there quite a bit of backlash after the last time he did host the Oscars? (2005) 

        • Anonymous

          Plummer had the best moment of the night

        •  Yes, there was. Mainly from the people at the Oscars, which is not what the TV broadcasters should be worried about.

          • I picture people at the Oscars and too many Oscar voters looking like Statler and Waldorf, only not funny or savvy.

  3. I hear Ned immediately signed the directors of “Undefeated” to a two year contract.

  4. Anonymous

    You knew something was up when Roberto (VSIMH) tweets about seeing Ned at the Oscars

  5. Anonymous

    Ned at the Oscars. Are you sure we can’t swear here? ;)

    • Anonymous

      Heck my parents once went to the show back at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion days so I hold no grudge that Ned went tonight

  6. Anonymous

    sorry to be off topic but in catching up with reading at DT I found this by xeifrank:
     If you take a look at the three skill stats of K/9, BB/9 and GB/FB over the past two years, Capuano has a K/9 of 7.88, a BB/9 of 2.61 and a GB/FB of 1.05. 
    B-R says Capuano’s GB/FB was .75 in both 2010 and 2011 thus I think the 1.05 figure is not correct.

  7. The top picture makes me think Ned is Zelig.

  8. Anonymous

    Looks like someone rolled out the Ned carpet…

  9. Anonymous

    A smile may have been in order. Ned always has the same look on his face. Like he’s worried the world will figure him out and send him to Taco Bell manager school where he belongs.

  10. Don’t know if y’all commented on this yesterday, but nice piece on Todd Coffey. He certainly was determined to make the bigs. Hard not to root for the man-boobed one as a Dodger this year!

  11. Hey I was at the Oscars too!  Ned and I could have talked some ball during the commercials!  His seat was a to better than mine.

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