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Oscar chat 2012

If anyone around wants to talk Oscars today and tonight, let this be the place.  The ceremony’s official start time on ABC is 5:30 p.m. You can also follow all my colleagues at Variety here.

From January: My favorite films of 2011.


Tinker tailor pitcher spy


A night at the Neds


  1. I prefer The Grouch to de la Hoya.

  2. Anonymous

    I think of the Oscars in the same way I think of HOF elections: good springboard for discussion, debate, flamewars, what have you. Not much in the way of objectivity. My wife likes these kinds of awards shows(esp the fashion)–I gotta leave the room and/or put headphones on.

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve seen very few movies this year, but my wife and I did go to see The Descendants. We loved the soundtrack, but neither of us liked the movie, which seemed that it wanted to be a comedy but felt guilty about trying to do so.

    • Jon Weisman

      I think the movie knew exactly what it wanted to be, especially in wanting to tackle some serious personal themes. I don’t think it always knew how to get there – an overdose of voiceover at the outset and a meandering middle section. But I think it finishes very strong and not guilty about what it wanted to be. I think the hospital scenes, for one thing, make that clear.

      • Anonymous

         Honestly, I’ve forgotten most of the details, but I would buy the soundtrack.

  4. Via @variety_emax: Bret McKenzie glides into the Oscars

  5. Team Variety tweeting live from the Oscars

  6. I believe Nick Nolte just answered a red-carpet question with, “I don’t know what you said, but I’ll answer you anyway.”

    Undaunted, she followed up by asking Nolte about his pet crow.

  7. If the entire TV industry operated like red-carpet shows, radio would never have gone out of style.

  8. Rooney Mara hairstyle update: Once again, it’s the Moe.

    • Anonymous

      Didn’t see any of the other flicks this year, but she was tremendous in TGWTDT.

  9. Once more before I go gently into this Oscar night … Ewan McGregor and Elizabeth Olsen were robbed. 

    • Anonymous

      Anthony Lane spoke highly of Olsen’s performance as well.

    • Anonymous

      Olsen was great – that film was like out of a different time

  10. i just saw ned colletti in the audience. after the iranian director’s speech!

    • Andrew Romer

      I just said the same thing to my wife.  She said, “Who the hell is Ned Colletti??”.  Seriously, why is he there? 

  11. Anonymous

    have the old farts at the academy seen any film other than Hugo?

  12. Anonymous

    Titantic in 3D, good god was it not awful enough the first time

  13. Anonymous

    I know everybody’s locked in on the Oscars right now….
    But,a Dodger-related question for you this evening…..
    –  Why do I hear more about AJ Ellis than FedEx?  (I thought he was supposed to be the only real legitimate stud in those deals Ned did last year) What does it say about him if he isn’t really getting much of a mention?

    • Anonymous

      FedEx legitimate stud?  That is kind. Right now he is all glove, little hit – they probably want to give him time.  AJ is a nice placeholder

      • Anonymous

        With a name like “Hollywood_Joe” … you should be attending the Oscars! … :-)

        All I know about FedEx is what they said about him on when the Dodgers made those two deals, the net effect of which was the loss of Trayvon Robinson (to Seattle, I believe) …
        I guess I had it all wrong….
        PS-Trayvon would sure be a nice option in our OF now that we have a slow LF in Juan Rivera, and a disgruntled, pouting RF in Ethier.  I guess all the real competition will come from our starting three and T-Gwynn Jr. (maybe Sands as well)

        • Anonymous

          Trayvon was terrible last year, I don’t expect it to get much better for him.  I think FedEx was good value for money there 

          • Anonymous

            I hope you’re right Joe.
            So, I guess Treanor is presently slated to be AJ’s #2?
            Have a great night Joe.
            Absolutely cannot wait for baseball to begin here in 2012.  :-)

  14. As I had had hitherto suspected, “Hugo” has turned out to be the “Barry Lyndon” of 2012 — cleaning up in the technical categories but shut out from the big stuff.

  15. Anonymous

    In honor of Moneyball, lets celebrate the fact that 3 members of the 2002 Oakland A’s (Ellis, Harang, and Lilly) will be part of our 2012 Dodgers!!!!

  16. Still can’t believe Meryl won. Love her dearly but she deserved it for about 5 other films oer the past 20 years more than this one. Viola Davis was great. Not too upset about it though,  And didn’t expect Gary Oldman to win tonight but it is amazing he’d never been nominated before, so I hope he gets another shot.  Overall broadcast was adequate, occasionally amusing, somewhat lifeless, terrible sound production, some creaky montages, a few moving moments and speeches, and mostly a safe, wimpy event.  These are my OscarThoughts.

  17. One tweet I made tonight at the end of the Oscars. ;)
    “Steve Garvey is here to present Best Picture.”

  18. Sorry I couldn’t stick around but my kids made me fall behind on the broadcast. 

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