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Let’s get on the bus

How the Dodgers rode the bus today vs. how I imagined the Dodgers rode the bus today:

© Jon SooHoo/Los Angeles Dodgers 2012


Harang harangued


Smokejumpers forever!


  1. wow, channeling the Doodlebops.  Just glad it wasn’t YoGabba.

  2.  Doodlebops is the 2nd creepiest show my kids watched next to Lazytown  . 

  3. Are all those guys texting or playing WoW on their iPads? That’s a pretty funny picture.

  4. Anonymous

    UCLA coach Ben Howland benched center Josh Smith for the first half of its Pac-12 tournament game against USC today because Smith was late for the team bus.

    The team is staying at the JW Marriott. The game is at Staples Center. 

    They are across the street from each other.

    •  Those crazy kids.

    • Anonymous

       I think its good that Howland is getting stricter now, but UCLA was lucky that they played USC yesterday.  It may also end up benefiting the Bruins because Josh Smith will be more rested for today’s game (and hopefully for another game or two).

  5. Long feature on Elisabeth Moss

  6. Anonymous

    Obviously early in spring training — no tans yet in those pictures.

  7. Anonymous

    That video looked like it was from the early 70s (except for the break dancing).  Even though the music was completely different, the 70s theme reminded me of one of my favorite movie cartoons: “The Point” (the song Me and my Arrow came from that movie).

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