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‘Twas brillig for our suddenly slithy toves the Dodgers, who had only made three errors all spring but got three errors from their shortstops alone today, accounting for two unearned runs in a 5-2 loss to Colorado.

Jerry Hairston Jr. did gyre and gimble in the wabe, making two of the errors while going 0 for 2. The poor day raised questions among the Jabberwock about whether Hairston could rise to the occasion should something decidedly unmimsy happen to Dee Gordon (who also made an error today). To which I offer these uffish thoughts:

1) One game is one game.
2) The plan to confine superior defensive shortstop Juan Uribe to third base isn’t all that likely to hold throughout the season.
3) Justin Sellers is likely to be the true backup shortstop at this point, whether he’s in the majors or the minors, so why so slithy?

Taking the vorpal blade of that last point, there’s surprise being expressed that Jerry Sands might not make the Opening Day roster and will instead be sent to rest by the Tumtum tree. Nonsense. Sands needed something of a perfect storm to come whiffling through the tulgey wood April 5: a solid spring at the plate combined with legitimate fears that Andre Ethier, James Loney or Juan Rivera wouldn’t be everyday players. But we knew all along that all three of those veterans were being handed those jobs to lose, and that Sands might easily be marginalized come the frabjous day.

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  1. was at the game and the first error in the first inning by Dee was a chopper that was not an easy play.

  2. he was running back and had to try and field the ball about waist high, and it hit the palm of his glove and bounced out, but it wasnt exactly routine,

    • I used to go to lots of Grapefruit league games at Vero – loved spring training, it was my favorite time of year.  I caught a few innings of the replay this morning on MLB channel and I was surprised by all of the empty seats.  The stadium looks a little bigger than Holman, but I remember Holman almost always being packed.  Did the crowd show up late or is attendance to these midweek games just low?

  3. Anonymous

    “Swallowing your tongue” (as referenced in the Felipe Alou story) is a misnomer. What happens is that when you’re unconscious, your head can tilt back in such a way that your tongue blocks your airway. 
    That’s why when you give first aid, you make sure that the head is level.

    Your tongue cannot roll up back into your mouth and choke you.

  4. Anonymous

     What’s next, a take on Finnegans Wake?

  5. Anonymous

    Agreed on Sands. I didn’t think he was going to make the roster unless he tore it up this spring and he’s not. I’m really fine with some more everyday seasoning in AAA and then getting called up when Rivera misses some time.
    At this point I’m for Fields making the team, then at least you’ve got some possible power coming off the bench late in the game.
    If Dee’s out more than a game, you bring up Sellers no big deal or like Jon said you move Uribe over and his bat plays better at SS anyway….

    On another note: Jordan Hershiser 6’8″ 245, wow! Is he any good? 
    No one’s charging the mound on him….

  6. Would anyone be able to link me to a baseball prospectus 2012 team wins projection?  I cant seem to find one anywhere.

  7. Anonymous

    Dodgers should shop Billingsley as an alternative to the Lannan and Floyd hunters.
    Floyd’s a better pitcher, but older, but more expensive to acquire in terms of prospects to give up and has a good salary attached to him.  Billingsley is a bit better than Lannan but has a much higher salary attached to him than does Lannan.  As much as I like Billingsley, I just don’t see him putting things together to be able to live up to salary he’s set to make.  Dodgers can cobble together an assemblage of fringe pitchers that can try earning a rotation spot, and it leaves a spot ready for Captain Eo-valdi or Rubby if or when they’re ready for prime time sometime this season.

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