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Report: Rachel Robinson to join Dodger board of directors

From Josh Kosman of the New York Post:

… The Jackie Robinson Foundation, created by Rachel Robinson, Jackie’s widow, in 1973, is a partner in the Magic Johnson-Guggenheim Partners group that this week announced a record-setting $2.3 billion deal to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers, The Post has learned.

In addition, Rachel Robinson will sit on the Dodgers board of directors. The not-for-profit foundation is in talks with the group about getting an equity stake in the storied franchise, sources said.

“Magic thought about Robinson a lot,” one source familiar with the bidding group said last night.

Johnson was honored by the Jackie Robinson Foundation in 2002, the source noted, and it was then that he got to know Rachel. …

… Johnson’s group has quietly been working with the Robinson Foundation for months as part of the buying group. But because the foundation works closely with Major League Baseball, it stayed in the shadows so there would be no fallout if Magic’s bid came up short, a source said. …

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  1. Anonymous

    So, I’m guessing that Rachel Robinson likes Magic Johnson more than the Wilpons now?

    And why would the residents of Echo Park and Solano Canyon want to deal with a football stadium and having their neighborhood overrun even more often?

  2. Anonymous

    A football stadium at Chavez Ravine is a terrible idea. But then, I’m ready for a new baseball stadium and don’t really get the continued desire to see a football team in LA

  3. Has anyone come across a script which will let me bypass the LA Times block for people who’ve “exceeded” their limit to free articles? I didn’t know there was such a thing and was reading Dilbeck’s blog over there (cursed be they who decided you have to click each post to read it in its entirety) earlier in the month, and now here we have all this news and I can’t read any of it if it’s in the LA paper of record.

    I’ve cleared cookies, I’ve used IE rather than Firefox, I’ve cursed mightily. Haven’t tried prayer, it would be hypocritical.

    Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      You mean you don’t want to be like the rest of humanity?

      • Seems presumptuous to be praying to a God whose existence I’m not positive about. If He/She does exist the response would be “Oh, NOW you want my help?”

  4. Try private browsing.

    •  What is that?

      • Anonymous

        Possibly, but it seems to work for me. I’ve read tons of Times articles since they initiated the limit with no issues. I had never used it before, but when I got locked out I gave it a try. I guess it could be something else I’m doing, but I’m not particularly knowledgeable about browsers or anything.

        Watch, I’ll get bounced out of the next Times article I try to read.

        •  I hope not!

          I opened up IE 8 and cleared my cookies there, and I managed to get in. I really wanted to read that interview Magic, Walter and Kasten did with BS, and I was able to do so.

          I’ll try the private browsing trick in Firefox next time around.

  5. Anonymous

    Cool, glad you got to read it. I wasn’t thinking, I use Firefox almost exclusively.

  6. Anonymous

    As an Oakland resident and taxpayer, I have offered the Raiders back to LA several times on this blog. For reasons I cannot understand, nobody has yet taken me up on the offer.

  7. Anonymous

    Why does the Lilly injury mean that Lindblom would stay with the big club and not Eovaldi? Why not replace a starter with a starter?

  8. This is wonderful news to have Rachel Robinson as part of the team. She’s always been in the Dodger family.

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