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So, what are we calling these guys?

We had the O’Malley ownership. We had the Fox ownership. We had the McCourt ownership.

What do we have now? The Magic ownership? The Guggenheim gang? Those crazy guys with money to burn?

Who owns the Dodgers?


One for the bullish


Here, diagonally


  1. Anonymous

    Walter ownership.  The LA Times interview indicated he personally has 100% of the voting shares and is the only General Partner.  All other limited partners will have no voting shares, it seems.

    •  I think that refers to his position representing Guggenheim, not his position with the overall baseball partnership. I don’t think it’s accurate Magic and Guber don’t have minority voting shares. I could be wrong, but that’s my understanding.

      • Jack Dawkins

        Reading the article….I think he is basically Steinbrenner or Al Davis, the general managing partner.  The rest are all along for the ride.  So Walter ownership seems correct to me.

      • Anonymous

        In the article, he refers to wanting to own the franchise for many years, envisioning it being passed to his daughter and granddaughter.  To me, that indicates his personal ownership, not as a figurehead for Guggenheim, which is presumably an investor/limited partner.

    • Jack Dawkins

      So Walter and the figurehead?

      Is Walter then the puppetmaster? The man behind the curtain? He Who Must Be Obeyed?

  2. Anonymous

    I suspect that people will come to know this as the “Magic ownership,” although it would be more accurate to call it the Guggenheim ownership. And this is appropriate, since perhaps Guggenheim partners wanted Magic Johnson only to make the purchase palatable and celebrated in Los Angeles.

  3. Bo

    the magicians

    • I second this. Reference to Magic Johnson and a reflection on the magical sensation of freedom every dodger fan felt upon hearing that the team was finally sold… and to the popular team. 

  4. Magic Kastenwalter, Inc.

  5. Anonymous

    Someone’s got to come up with something Magic oriented I suppose.

    On another subject, Slappy McPopup just did it again. For the Fightins. AND got on base!


    • He made the team today.  Funny enough, they were choosing between him and Podsednik and both of them had better springs than Lance Nix who signed a 2 year deal and was gently being pushed on fans as the next Jayson Werth.  I’m in Philly and inundated with Phils coverage, but I think this is the beginning of the end of their reign.  Maybe they make the playoffs this year, but I’m not sure that Utley and Howard will contribute much this season as injured as they are.

  6. Anonymous

    Since the Dodgers press release already titled the ownership group as being lead by Magic Johnson, I don’t know if anyone else is going to get their name above the title as it were.

  7. Anonymous

    The Straight Cash Homies

  8. Anonymous

    Dem Bums

  9. The WizenedHeimers?

    Btw, just FYI anyone in SF bay area: Dylan Hernandez will be on KNBR 1050 with Damon Bruce
    to talk about Dodgers ownership transition at 1:30 PST.Or could try this, not sure if it works:

  10. Anonymous


    Guggenheim partners owns it as Guggenheim Baseball Management.

    Johnson invested in it is all.

    If Walter left Guggenheim partners (he is CEO) someone else would take over — so it isn’t Walter per se.

    Given what will happen in the development to come it could be called McCourt/Guggenheim.

  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    A comment with respect to the last post:

    I am disappointed Chin-Lung Hu never quite cut it with the Dodgers, Mets or any team.  I think he would have been great for the game.  I am curious as to why he failed his physical or what ailment he may be hiding.

    • Anonymous

      Hu had/has vision problems, it’s too bad, the guy had soft hands nice range & he could make a double play look beautiful.

  13. Sam Peterson

    Hopefully we just call them the winners

  14. In the Showtime

  15. The group that owns the Dodgers is called the Guggheim Baseball Management group or GBM, Magic is a part owner, but not sure exactly what percentage he owns.

  16. With regards to Frank McCourt’s letter to the employees (referencing “four titles in eight years”) summarizing the organizational successes during his tenure), there used to be a time when it came to the Dodgers that “title” meant WORLD SERIES CHAMPION, not water downed division and wild card title malarkey.  

    The Dodgers are not the Astros.  Magic won NBA TITLES.  Leave the champagne on ice until we get magical #7.

  17. The Guggenheimers.

  18. “Following the game today, the Dodgers released OF Cory Sullivan and C Josh Bard from their minor league contracts.” – Dodgers press release

  19. Anonymous

    Ruth Bader Westheimers

  20. Anonymous

    How about “The Dodgers”?

    (I hope.)

  21. Vail Beach

    If we see this statue in front of Dodger Stadium, that will confirm that the team is owned by the Guggenheims:

  22. Anonymous

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  23. Anonymous

     Guggenheims & Magics Blue Showtime Group

  24. Balzac’s Boys – as in “Behind every great fortune, there is a great crime.”

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