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Here, diagonally

You’d be amazed how often I still hear that “Tiny Mighty Mos” song in my head. And I must have seen that “Stay Alive” commercial a thousand times. The line deliveries are worthy of Olivier.

Don’t even get me started on “Life” or “Connect Four.”


So, what are we calling these guys?


The coyote’s after you


  1. Anonymous

    There is Billy Beane, Oakland GM. There’s Billy Bean, former Dodgers outfielder who is more famous for coming out as a gay man. And then there’s Bill Bene, 1998 1st round pick of the Dodgers.

    And he pled to guilty to selling karaoke machines with counterfeit songs. And tax evasion.

    •  I guess he’s the thinking man’s Matt Bush or Brien Taylor?

    • Anonymous

      I knew there was a Billy Bean in the organization at one time! Just wasn’t smart enough to drop the final e.

  2. Anonymous

    I will again warn people that the present version of “Life” is really awful and it’s got way to much stuff in the way of self-esteem building and very few opportunities to try to ruin the life of a family member.

  3. Stanford is 17 minutes from NIT glory.  What a country!

  4. I tend to agree with Jackson here, what do you think Jon?
    Anthony Jackson ‏ @dodgerscribe I’m calling that Josh Fields will get the final bench spot., Lilly will start on the DL and Lindblom the extra RP til Lilly activated

    •  I pegged Fields what, two weeks ago at least? So I’m on board with that.

      • Yah the Fields one seems like a no-brainer at this point, but good call for being on the bandwagon early!  More curious about who they’d replace Lilly with; sounds like from Mattingly that it’ll definitely be a reliever, not a SP or position player. And hopefully Lindblom does have inside track (he gave up a homer today but otherwise has looked pretty solid). 

  5. Trailing 21-17 in NIT final w/8:46 left in first half, Stanford outscored Minnesota 15-6 over next 23 minutes. A barnburner!

  6. Anonymous

    How about “Ice Bird?”

    Or “Digger the Dog?”

  7. Anonymous

    Does anyone know what this acronym means UDCF.  Maybe undermining club fielding?

    • Universal Dive Computer Format? ;) Or at least that’s all I got from Google. 

      • Anonymous

        Sorry to just see this today (April 1), but if you even see this thanx for trying. UDCF+ was mentioned in the comments at The McCovey Chronicles and further investigation seems to reveal if means upside down cat fighting by pitchers!

  8. Anonymous

    If we are taking about board games I was always a fan of stratego.

    • My dad and I used to play that a ton when I was a kid. Great game! 

      Other favorites: Othello (sort of like Go), Sorry!, RIsk (if we had the patience to finish a near-endless game), Battleship, and yes, Connect Four.

      • Marcelo .

        Beat me to it.  Stratego and Battleship!   Dammmn, im gonna sound old but it sure aint how it used to be.  Im glad I grew up with board games and little race cars.

  9. Anonymous

    Ahhh, Bill Bene. One of an incredible batch of 80’s first round pitcher picks by the Dodgers who never saw MLB.

    •  lol! I used to work that into conversation for fun for the longest time. :) once a week i’d just drop something like I can’t believe you guys got me to try sushi telling me that they had a chicken teryaki, that’s pretty sneaky sis

  10. Jack Dawkins

    My favorite board game in my late teens and early 20s was Diplomacy.  Nothing like stabbing someone in the back to help foster a friendship I say.  I am now a lonely aging man.

  11. Daniel Zappala

    Wow, those commercials brought back memories. I’ve become a huge fan of modern games, such as Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Dominion,Carcassonne, Puerto Rico, etc. I have a competitive streak, but I’ve even taken to enjoying cooperative games like Pandemic that are really challenging.

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