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A March wish

Let this be the last Dodger Spring Training in which I find myself almost completely distracted from the games by off-field issues.

Dodgers at Cubs, 1:05 p.m.

Brewers at Dodgers, 1:05 p.m.


Sox it to me: Money doesn’t change everything


Ted Lilly will start season on DL


  1. Anonymous

    How hot is Andre! He is absolutely hitting a power peak and is looking healthy. I know this is ST and the nature of these misleading streaks, but I think my spring wish is that an extravagant 3 year contract would lock Andre now!!!

  2. Andre Ethier’s Spring Training OPS is now 1.313

  3. Anonymous

    I sat down to watch the game on my iPad in my Antofagasta hotel, but lost the picture a couple innings ago – meaning there’s no alternative but listening to Lyons and Monday.

  4. Here Here Jon!  If that’s not a great toast (other than wishing for a frickin’ ring) I don’t know what is. *Raises his 100th Anniversary Dodgers cup in tribute*

  5. Informally but in the SS game vs the Cubs today, I think the Dodgers may have set a record for most guys to play in a game whose last names end in “Z”. 
    Nunez. Cavazos-Galvez. Cruz. Federowicz. Baez.

  6. Anonymous

    It sounds as if Wright and Coffey are in a competition to see who can pitch himself off the team first.

  7. Anonymous

    Amen, Jon.  Other than noticing headlines about Lilly’s neck and Sands’s demotion, I have no idea what is going on with the team on the field. In a sense, this is good, since Spring Training performance is essentially meaningless, but opening day is going to be a surprise.  When IS it, anyway?

  8. Ethier is a notoriously hot starter….321 BA and .924 OPS and has more RBI’s in April than any other month, in fewer PA’s as well.

  9. Not only is Opening Day in less than a week, but you can see Dem Bums at Dodger Stadium on Monday. 

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