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TV one-season wonders

For Variety, I’ve written a couple of blog posts that I think are kind of fun: celebrating TV’s top series that only received one season on the air. The first post deals with the 2000s, the second with the 1990s. If I missed a show you liked, it might be because I didn’t see it, didn’t like it or that it actually ran for more than one season – but let me know what you think.


Ted Lilly will start season on DL


The 1-2 pitch


  1. Anonymous

    This is related to the previous post, but has Lilly pitched enough ST to be considered ready to go once he is healthy?

  2. I think the idea is that by the time April 14 rolls around, he will be, but obviously he’ll stay on the DL if he isn’t. 

  3. Anonymous

    Jon,  I saw where you did mention Wonderwalls but you didn’t list it because you didn’t see it. I highly recommend you check it out. 

  4. Sean Holt

    You forgot firefly :(

    • Yeah I think Jon knows already that is one show I (and many others) differ with him on but each to their own –it’s his list! 

      Some of my favorites are here, too, of course, including F&G and Undeclared. 

      Would be fun, though harder, to go even further back to the 90s and 80s, too.

  5. One we liked for obvious reasons was 1993-1994’s “Byrds of Paradise,”, starring Timothy Busfield, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Elizabeth Lindsey, Arlo Guthrie (!) and Bruce Weitz (Belker as beachside psychiatrist!).  

  6. Anonymous

    “United States” would be in the 80s list only because at the time everybody thought it was great. But I never saw it.

  7. Anonymous

    I loved Keen Eddie from Fox, didn’t last long… but then again, there was a stretch with Fox where nothing lasted long.

  8. Anonymous

    That first year of Fox prime time in 1987 had a lot of series that were practically DOA. “Karen’s Song” about a May-December romance starring Patty Duke. “The New Adventures of Beans Baxter” which was about a teenage spy. Also a series version of “Down and Out in Beverly Hills” with Tim Thomerson in the Nick Nolte role.

  9. I can’t keep track of how many people told me I “forgot” Firefly despite my mentioning it in the second paragraph.

    • You forgot to keep repeating that fact!

      Btw, would your 80s version of this list have “Open All Night” on it?

  10. I know you addressed it on twitter already, but my list definitely would have included Studio 60 somewhere near the top. 

    And I could never get into Undeclared, though Freaks and Geeks remains one of my favorite shows ever.

  11. The Flash, if only because of Mark Hamill’s outfit.

  12. Will Dodgers’ new owners be able to profit?

  13. Anonymous

    In the Dodger Thoughts NCAA Tournament contest, it’s down to two contestants. If Kentucky wins, Blue Velvet Jonez (TD) wins. If Kansas wins, Live from NY (Keith C) wins.

  14. Anonymous

    Great list. Boomtown was another one that I enjoyed.

  15. Anonymous

    Woah, woah. What about Firefly? 


  16. Anonymous

    To celebrate opening day the New York Times ran a few good baseball articles today…

    A Monotony of Excellence, an Atrophy of Passion

    The Next Big Idea
    Major League Teams Seek New Ways to Deconstruct Game

    What Baseball Does to the Soul

    •  Read ’em all. Thanks for the links!

      In McCann’s essay (the third link) he notices the same thing almost every other fan comments on when remembering that first game in a stadium: coming out of the tunnel from the concourse and seeing that broad sweep of green outfield in front of him.

  17. Why does this feel like the longest of all possible waits for the regular season to start?

  18. Rick Monday is all over Billingsley in the first inning. Now without reason.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think Tony Jackson is happy with Mr. Billingsley either.

    • Anonymous

       After Lincecum’s effort today, his spring ERA is 5.90, including one minor-league game.

    • Anonymous

      Came in, saw the score, came here, read Not, watched the “highlights” on Gameday, back here see it’s Now. 

  19. My So-Called Life I was a fan of from the beginning, but I have Dodger Thoughts commenters to thank for turning me on to Freaks & Geeks several years ago. Now it’s one of my most treasured shows.

  20. One that would be on my personal list is Soderbergh and Clooney’s “K Street.” Really enjoyed that show. I would also include “Lucky Louie,” which I know Jon disliked.

  21. Anonymous

    There are several series I enjoyed in the 2000’s that weren’t mentioned.
    One was “Kingpin” (2003), starring Yancey Arias.
    Another was “Breaking News” (2002), starring Tim Matheson and Clancy Brown, with Max Martini in a supporting role.
    I also thought “Skin” (2003), with Ron Silver, was excellent, but it’s another series that got cancelled before it even got going very far (only three episodes broadcast). It was also notable as the first significant role for “House”‘s Olivia Wilde.

    • Anonymous

      If I could add a show that was on for two seasons (2001-2002), it would be Sidney Lumet’s “100 Centre Street”, an awesome crime/courtroom/family drama starring Alan Arkin.  It included the first recurring appearances of Margo Martindale and Joseph Lyle Taylor, who would later appear as mother and son in “Justified”, and a terrific supporting performance by LaTanya Richardson.

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