Car Talk’s baseball-themed puzzler

An episode of NPR’s Car Talk never fails to bring smiles to my face, not because I have any interest in or understanding of cars, but because the hosts (“Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers”) are just so much fun. The first time I ever listened to it was the hot August 1993 morning I drove away from Washington D.C. for good to move back to Los Angeles, in a sad state of mind over the girl I was leaving behind. Those guys were just the right medicine for the road.

Anyway, each week they have a puzzler for listeners to solve, and just in time for Opening Day, they have a baseball-themed riddle. I imagine you baseball experts out there can figure out the answer.

  • Jon Weisman

    Barry Levinson to direct movie about Hank Aaron, with new Dodgers co-owner Peter Guber among the executive producers. 

  • Anonymous

    Is that one as easy as it seems?

  • Anonymous

    The only radio broadcast that I regularly download to my ipod.  I can often be seen laughing out loud on the treadmill at the Y listening to Car Talk.  It’s not a pretty picture.

    • Jon Weisman

       Same for me, minus the exercise.

  • Adam Luther

    Beach Boys (including big time Dodger fan Bruce Johnston) to perform a song and sing the National Anthem before the Opening Day Game.  The Beach Boys in Blue since ’62.

  • Snake Smith

    Pitcher comes in with 2 outs and a runner on 1st in the top of the 9th in a tie game and either uses the hidden ball trick or a pickoff throw to 1st to get the runner.  Then his team scores in the bottom of the 9th.  AMIRITE?  Tom and Ray are a trip.

    • Anonymous

      That is what I was thinking, though it could be any inning, as long as the team holds on to the lead.  But it’s an iffy proposition for the manager if he really wants to get his pitcher a win without throwing a pitch.

      • Linkmeister

         Tippy Martinez once picked off three guys in an inning to win the game (Lenn Sakata was the emergency catcher, and the opponents rightly thought he’d be unable to throw anyone out). But they reached base one after the other, so Martinez had to walk ’em or give up singles to ’em or have an error behind him. Thus he made pitches.

  • underdog

    Off topic but the Votto contract just keeps sounding more incredible to me. Via Ken Rosenthal, I learned that it is 10 years no trade, plus no trade added to the 2 current years. Gosh, hope that works out for Cincy. 

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always disliked car talk, but then I dislike cars.

  • Jon Weisman


  • KT

    Game tied..lefty put into the game bottom of the ninth as a pinch hitter for the previous pitcher…scores or someone else scores they win…he never throws a pitch…Does this work?