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Hoops hail-stones

Congrats to local heroes Jamaal Wilkes and Reggie Miller for their selection to the Basketball Hall of Fame. We used to have fun imitating Wilkes’ signature shooting style.

Congrats also to Blue Velvet Jonez for winning the Dodger Thoughts March Madness challenge. BVJ not only had the final game correct, but the exact margin of victory – eight points – as well as three of the final four.


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  1. Anonymous

    Congrats to silk and the mad bomber of Westwood. Reggie was always one of my favorite players. And Chick would say “twenty foot layup” when Wilkes would take a shot.

  2. Anonymous

    Happy 82nd birthday to Wally Moon.  He was one of my favorite Dodgers.  And what a great name.

  3. Anonymous

    Jon Weisman… my condolences on your Grandmother’s passing. All my best to you & family.

    Here’s something I thought was pretty cool…
    My Giants-fan brother-in-law was kind enough to think of me while he and his friends were in Albuquerque for March Madness.  He sent me an Isotopes t-shirt with a very nice note.

    Part of his note read, “Magic, the Dodgers’ owner… cool.  Dodgers = Showtime!”
    I thought that could be a good name for the ownership group…. “Showtime”
    Let’s hope they actually live up to it.  :-)

  4. Anonymous

    Way to go BVJ!

  5. Anonymous

    Wilkes was a graduate of Santa Barbara High School, and, I believe,was known even then as “Silk”

  6. Anonymous

    I saw yesterday that Miller got in, and was gnashing my teeth over the undeserved honor.  Since college, I’ve always thought that Reggie Miller was hugely overrated.  He could shoot – no doubt.  But he was otherwise useless.  Couldn’t (or wouldn’t) play a lick of defense, refused to pass, and couldn’t even get his own shot – he needed to come off screens to get open.  If it weren’t for the 3-pt line, I don’t think he’d have lasted in the league.  I also hated his shooting style, which involved somehow kicking his leg forward to ward off defenders.  Sure was effective, but it was ugly.  And despite being overrated, I’m now surprised to see that he only made 5 all-star teams in 17 seasons.  Not a HOFer.  Also a colossal jerk, going back to his college days.  He actually made me like Spike Lee.

    I was outraged at the injustice of good things happening to underserving people, when I noticed that Jamaal Wilkes made it in too.  And that stopped me cold.  I don’t think Wilkes was a HOFer either.  I remember his career quite vivdly, and he was the Reggie Miller of his era.  Great shooter – not much else.  The difference is that I loved Wilkes.  In my memory, he was one of the classiest guys in the league.  So I’m happy for him.

    So good job on the cosmic balance, HOF voters.  Neither guy should get past the Lobby of the Very Good for free entry into the Hall, but if one sneaks in, the other should too.

    • KT

      Agree…that leg kick would get him the foul calls and was pretty vicious

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