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Game 6 chat

Pirates at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Juan Rivera, 1B
Andre Ethier, RF
Jerry Hairston Jr., LF
Juan Uribe, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Chad Billingsley, P


Kershaw’s winless dominance


Slam dunk for the Dodgers, 4-1


  1. Anonymous

    Just a day off for Ellis?

  2. Rock Well

    Against my better judgement…  I’m excited to watch Bills pitch tonight.


  3. Anonymous

    I hope Bills pitches well tonight.

  4. Jon, do you see any situation at all in which the Guggenheim group, better known as the Magic group, might not be approved by the Bankruptcy court and ultimately be denied full approval? The reason I say this is that the NY Times article of yesterday from Sorkin, I believe, is very ominous. I wish I could find the link, but perhaps you already had it up. I still think there could be problems getting approval on this. What is your take?

    • Anonymous

      In a statement, one of Guggenheim’s regulators, Stephen W. Robertson, the Indiana commissioner of insurance, said: “Guggenheim’s past dealings with the Indiana Department of Insurance have demonstrated to us that the company and its representatives are of the highest integrity, and we have not taken exception to any interest Guggenheim may have in the Los Angeles Dodgers, nor do we plan to do so.”

    • I’m no insider, but I don’t see anything to stop the sale. 

  5. Elizabeth Efird

    I know this is probably an ignorant question, but I am on the East coast and would like to stream the Dodger radio broadcasts.  I know that I could buy the MLB package, but that’s more money than I can spend.  Is there a way to get them free, or for a modest fee?  Thank you for any help!

    • Anonymous

       The MLB AtBat app runs $15 for the season or $2.99 per month and has all radio broadcasts, if you have a phone/tablet/Kindle Fire.

    • Anonymous

      I believe I paid either $15 or $20 for MLB Audio, and considering it gives access to all games of every team for a whole season (including playoffs) – that seems like a relativity modest fee.

      • Elizabeth Efird

        Thank you!  I had MLB Audio in years past, but didn’t see that it was still available. ChemicalMachine, thanks to you, too.

    • IHeartRadio or TuneIn apps would I think allow you to tune in to 570am to listen to local dodger broadcasts.

      • Anonymous

         Licensing issues with MLB won’t allow you to listen to radio broadcasts of games on the apps. Usually they’ll just play music during the game.

  6. Anonymous

    Lincecum yanked after 2 and a third against the Rockies after giving up 6 earned. His ERA is up to 12.91.

  7. Anonymous

    Where’s the game? At least on DirecTV, the Clippers are on Prime Ticket, and will be for a while.  

  8. Anonymous

    They are seriously switching back and forth between the Clippers and the Dodgers?! Wow.

  9. Anonymous

    I know it’s been talked about before, but what does everyone think of Steve Lyons? I’ve sort of grown to be okay with Steiner and Monday, but when he teams up with Lyons, it just pains me.

    • I’m not crazy about any of them but Steiner is at least a likable guy, can be decent. Monday is erratic and a bit dull. Yeah, Lyons is blathery and wrong a lot. 

      • Anonymous

        I like Lyons the best. He actually has some interesting insight, even if he repeats it too often. Steiner is a little homer-ish for my liking, and I can’t stand that he thinks every fly ball is a long ball. Ross just seems dull to me. I just think I will forever be spoiled growing up listening to the best ever.

        • Anonymous

          Call me the old grouch on the porch but I will personally never forgive Lyons for his idiotic statements about the fans during the strike.

        • Anonymous

          We are definitely a spoiled bunch. For me even to the point of being annoyed by a two-man team in general.

  10. Andrew Bynum has 30 rebounds for the Lakers tonight. 

  11. So if VMart comes back this season after all, as is rumored, the Tigers will give us Fielder then, right? It’s only fair.

    Btw, 9-7 Rox now, still batting.In the FOURTH.Assuming that won’t be the final score.

  12. Juan Uribe hit three HR from April 21-29 last year. Then another on June 20. He has one HR in his last 210 AB.

    • Anonymous

      All I can really remember are the 13 double plays he’s grounded into in that time. It’s felt like a lot more.

  13. Nice uan, Jone. 

  14. Anonymous

    I’m pretty happy that I can be seen yelling for Ethier during his curtain call on the replays of his HR yesterday.

  15. Anonymous

    Oh, Bills!

  16. Rockies 16, Giants 7 after five innings. 

  17. Colorado has no homers in the game. 

  18. Awesome line-drive 6-3 DP to get Billingsley out of jam. Ball wasn’t hit that hard,  went to just the right spot. 

  19. Anonymous

    Via Twitter, Rox were 20/32 thru 5 innings (.625). Amazing.

  20. Variety reviews “Magic/Bird” 

  21. Anonymous


  22. Anonymous

    Speaking of hitting, that Dre fella’s pretty good.

  23. Anonymous

    Lock — up — Ethier — now.

  24. Anonymous

    I disagree with this move.

  25. I would have liked Loney subbing for Rivera in the seventh in the No. 5 slot for defense. 

  26. But hell, let’s see if Loney can get his first hit before Billingsley.

  27. Anonymous

    Hurdle 1; Mattingly 0

  28. Anonymous

    Sigh. Wasted opportunity. I’m struggling with my feelings for Loney as much as he is struggling at the plate.

  29. Anonymous

    Wait! I take it back. It wasn’t a move to pinch hit to get more runs – it was a sly move to get Uribe out of the game. Brilliant!

  30. Let’s just hope Kasten will replace the black holes at the corners as fast as they possibly can

  31. Anonymous

    Is Erik Bedard as good as Corey Luebke?  Over the last three years, his stats are slightly better against righties?  But is there any left-handed pitcher against whom Loney can start?

  32. WOW. Kenley Jansen. I think he’s back, perhaps? He just made the Pirates’ pinch-hitter look like he was new to baseball. 

  33. Anonymous

    Well done Dodgers! Keep building momentum and some good team vibes…

  34. Anonymous

    Nice, efficient close.

    Our next starter won’t be named “Kershaw” or “Billingsley”, though. So keep the popcorn handy.

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