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Let the 2012 Matt Kemp Triple Crown Watch begin*

Pirates at Dodgers, 6:10 p.m.

(Padres starter Joe Wieland is making his major-league debut. The 22-year-old had a 1.80 ERA in Double-A last year.)

Dee Gordon, SS
Tony Gwynn Jr., LF
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
James Loney, 1B
Jerry Hairston Jr., 2B
Adam Kennedy, 3B
Matt Treanor, C
Ted Lilly, P












*No offense to Andre Ethier.

* * *

Vin Scully is set to return to the Dodger broadcast booth Sunday. Hooray, I say!

* * *

Todd Coffey has indeed gone on the disabled list to make room on the roster for Ted Lilly (and preserve Josh Lindblom’s roster spot).


A journey to ‘Harvard Park’


Bamm-Bamm Bison!


  1. Adam Luther

    Scully returns for Jackie Robinson Day.  He also recorded a Robinson related PSA which apparently appears at today’s games.  Interesting that this year the “official” Robinson tribute (family, etc.) will be in Yankee Stadium for the Sunday Night game.

  2. Anonymous

    Mr. Coffey’s timing is impeccable.

  3. Anonymous

    I thought something looked wrong with the Beard a couple of days ago vs the Rocks.

  4. Anonymous

    As if it were the Yankees who integrated baseball. Sheesh.  Television rules even this; sad.

    •  I suspect it’s more that Mrs. Robinson, who’s coming up on 90, doesn’t want to travel to the West Coast for a Dodgers game. Also, the Jackie Robinson Foundation’s HQ is in NYC.

      Good story in this week’s SI about Mrs. R and the foundation here:

      • Adam Luther

        Well I suppose before the Yankee crowd will do since the Mets are on the road.

      • Anonymous

        If MLB were serious  about this date, just one time they’d have the Dodgers playing the Mets – one year in Queens, one year in LA. Rachel Robinson could come if and when she could manage.

    • Anonymous

       Maybe the angle will be “American League World Series opponents (and winners!!) of the world-leading 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers who broke the baseball color bar by signing Jackie Robinson that year in the face of opposition from teams like the Yankees and their fans”. No, I thought not.

  5. KT

    Come on Dee…terrible throw

  6. KT

    need a k here

  7. KT

    Nice play james…1 unearned run…we need to get to this rookie fast to unsettle him

  8. Anonymous

    walking gordon is a huge mistake.

  9. KT

    good eye Dee…now take second so you can get that run back

  10. KT

    Why bunt on the 1st pitch?

  11. KT


  12. Adam Luther


  13. Anonymous

    Welcome to the Bigs, kid.  Bison-style!

  14. KT


  15. Adam Luther

    Yes again!!

  16. Anonymous

    Dre says hello!

  17. Anonymous

    No offense to Andre Ethier”?????

  18. KT

    Nice James…keep it up…all he’s throwing is fastballs

  19. Anonymous

    ruh, roh.  I thought that bald head looked familiar.  CB Bucknor alert.  with him behind the plate, something always happens.

  20. Anonymous

    I know this is total hubris–but forget the rest–just bring on the Yankees—we’re good!

  21. Anonymous

    WGJ joins the hit parade.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been meaning to ask:  “WGJ”?

      • Anonymous

        Weird Game James.  So-named by Delwyn “Pee Wee” Young, who roomed with him.

  22. KT

    Nice Jerry

  23. KT

    Good sac Adam

    Come on Matt

  24. KT

    Good job boys way to greet the rookie

  25. Anonymous

    Sad to see this inning end.

  26. KT

    good inning Ted…start it off ^_^

  27. KT

    Way to get on Tony
    Come on Matty do it again

  28. KT

    MATTY!!!! again

  29. KT

    Come on Dre…your turn

  30. Anonymous


  31. Anonymous

    45 more to go!

  32. Holy Bison, good timing on this post, Jon. ;)

    I’d say, why pitch to him at this point, but given Ethier’s hot, too, that makes it all the tougher on pitchers and all the more fun for us.

  33. Anonymous

    Does Matty win player of the week again this week? Who else (besides Ethier) has been this hot?

  34. Anonymous

    Sad to see this inning end, too.

  35. Anonymous

    The Pads pitcher hasn’t had it too hard facing Lilly though–lucky he was able to get himself out

  36. KT

    Another good inning Ted…Let’s get him again boys

  37. Anonymous

    I chuckled for some reason at this Tweet from the LA Times Sports section:

    “UCLA experiments with running backs as eligible receivers”
    Oh…. My… God….

  38. Anonymous

    Lilly really looks like the pitcher of two true results tonight. Hope it is mostly the !st result–(fly out))’
    Though I may be wrong—he has two K’s and that could really help. Just dreading the second true result!

  39. Anonymous

    wow.  kemp turned his back on that fly ball, and still found it.  unusual.

  40. KT

    Looks like the kid has settled down

  41. Anonymous

    We go to Houston next week.  Need to fatten up before the long cold summer.

  42. KT

    good ininng again Ted

    • Anonymous

      At 65 pitches he should be able to give the pen a rest, though I am not sure were he is in building up arm strength (?) because of the injury.

  43. KT

    Nice play by o-dog

  44. Anonymous

    Pretty solid and efficient effort so far by Lilly, even if it’s against the Madres.

  45. Anonymous

    Charley Steiner and Steve Lyons have decided to get on the Hee Seop Choi Demonization bandwagon. 

    • Speaking of which… we get basically 1 game of Vin for 2 weeks… But darn it if I won’t appreciate the heck out of that game.

      • KT

        I’ve yet to hear vin do a game this year and I’ll miss him tomorrow because I have the SD feed

  46. KT

    Macdougal is warming but Lilly only has 79 pitches thrown

    • As wondered aloud above, he may not be up to full pitch count ability just yet. 80s may be as high as he can go?

  47. KT

    good hit Matty

  48. KT

    Here’s the padres chance to catch up

  49. KT

    good him james..much better than trying to serve it to LF

  50. Anonymous

    Why is Ellsbury mentioned in the Jackie Robinson PSA voiced by Vin? 

  51. Anonymous

    >>Shawn Coyne is a part-time filmmaker and full-time baseball fan that served as head researcher, interviewer, 2nd assistant director and mastermind along with his brother, director Bryan Coyne on the upcoming documentary Harvard Park, about the South Central Los Angeles park that was the sports birthplace of major leaguers including Eric Davis and Darryl Strawberry. It premieres Sunday (Jackie Robinson Day) on BET at 11 a.m.<< Must see T.V.

    I tried emmulating (sp) Eric Davis stance & swing when I was a kid with bad results, but he was by far my favorite player groing up…

  52. Anonymous

    Dodgers Live is next.

    • Anonymous

      lyons is sprinting to tghe booth in center field right now

  53. Anonymous

    Matt Kemp absolutely blows my mind man.

  54. Anonymous

    9-1.  I don’t care who you have played, 9-1 is pretty good.

    • Anonymous

      Its better than 8-1, thats for sure.

      • Anonymous

        typo.  mea culpa

      • KT

        Bob…that’s going to be our record tomorrow afternoon

        • Anonymous

          Well, we will have Vin and Kershaw.

          • KT

            We will both have Kershaw but I’ll have Endberg and you will have Vinny…I won’t have Vinny until we play the west again

  55. Well, we know this team will have a losing streak at some point, maybe even soon, but winning sure is nice. Every game counts the same, and other cliches. But mostly, it’s fun to watch this team right now — they seem loose, having fun.  Keep it going boys in blue.

    Or, as thespian Charlie Sheen might say, “Duh. Winning.”

  56. Anonymous

    Ely, after giving up 8 runs in 3 innings in his first start, gave up only 1 run and 4 hits in 6 innings only to have St. Clair get no outs give up 3 runs and leave bases loaded for Troncoso who let all 3 runners score to change a 7-1 game to 7up. 

  57. KT

    Another good win…Loved that our big boys keep driving it out of the park…going for 9-1 tomorrow

    Great game by Ted

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