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Game 14 chat

Dodgers at Astros, 5:05 p.m.
Justin Sellers, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Juan Rivera, LF
Andre Ethier, RF
Jerry Hairston Jr., 3B
James Loney, 1B
A.J. Ellis, C
Ted Lilly, P


Matt Kemp bends but breaks through


Hairston’s unbelievable defensive hot streak


  1. Anonymous

    From the previous thread, there were more errors in 1941 than today because fields were not maintained as well and gloves were not as well constructed. 

    • Anonymous

      And to support the war effort and save on scarce rubber and leather, they used potatoes with painted red stitches as balls..

      • Anonymous

        They did lay their gloves on the field and left them lying. The practice was stopped beginning in the 1954 season.

    • Anonymous

      And the players were tired from having to walk to the ballpark after delivering milk in the morning to help pay the bills.

  2. Anonymous

    With the off-day Monday, why not pitch Kershaw tonight and move Lilly back to tomorrow?

    Then you could throw Kershaw again Wednesday before the Thursday off-day next week.

    •  It’s a fair question. However, based on the way he hit the wall in his last start, do we know if Kershaw still couldn’t benefit from the extra day off?

  3. Colletti on Gordon:

    “He has started off slow, and he’s not gonna start tonight .. give him a little bit of a break. We’ve put a lot on him – you’re going to be the starting shortstop for the Dodgers, you’re gonna lead off and you’re gonna be an everyday player – and it’s going to take him maybe a little while to catch up to that. His at-bats, they’ve gone back and forth a little bit. I think the last week has been a little bit of a struggle for him. Sometimes the game gets a little fast for him still, as it does with any young player. But I think as he starts to get some confidence, as he gets a couple of hits. I think he needs one good day, get a couple of hits, I think it’ll ease a lot of the pressure he’s feeling. I think once that starts, we’ll end up seeing what we saw last September, where he’s one of the better hitters in the game for what he does. Certainly, the power’s going to be a challenge, but we’re not looking for that. We’re looking for him to get on base, steal bases, create havoc, score runs and play great defense up the middle which is capable of doing and has done already.”

    • Jibin Park

      It appears as if Coletti’s benching him and not Mattingly.

  4. Anonymous

    Donnie2times  B-day? Or just a good time for a present?

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t know. I think with guys like Gordon you just throw them in and let them adjust. I’m not sure sitting him is good for his confidence, and I know he is full of energy and champing at the bit to play. Any thoughts?

  6. Anonymous

    I think the Bison is turning into the Nosib.

  7. Anonymous

    The Bison makes it look easy.

  8. Anonymous

    Does Dee get credit for that one, even though he is on the bench?

  9. Jibin Park

    Matt Kemp is a beast.

  10. Anonymous

    Ban the Bison. It is unfair. But I hate to see him have this kind of year without a good #two hitter. I looked up M. Ellis and he is not quite as pitiful as I thought——But just imagine—– Kemp deserves not to be an Ernie Banks.

  11. Anonymous

    Posting this question again:
    I assume the Dodgers could put Alfredo Silverio on the 60-day DL if they needed a 40-man spot; or, is his recovery going well enough to make that a bad idea?

    • Anonymous

      The problem (or at least one of the problems) with putting Silverio on the 60-day DL is that they would have to promote him to the major leagues, pay him the ML minimum, and his service time would count towards future arbitration/free agency deadlines.

  12. Anonymous

    So the Bison is just getting ridiculous here.  I tuned in late and saw the score was 2-0 at the end of the first, and said, “Kemp must have hit a 2-run homer.”  And then I checked  He can’t be stopped!  I love it!

    • Anonymous

      Will Kemp’s hot streak never end?

      Kemp to Magic: “You and I are about to be partners.”

  13. Anonymous

    Everyone’s got to be happy with how Ethier is hitting lefties this year. Well, everyone on this blog anyhow.

  14. Anonymous

    Did I mention that I like Hairston at 3B?

  15. Anonymous

    Great—-grumpy old me clicked on the TV yesterday and saw Hairston look like he did something poorly and complained. And going back and forward this guy has done all kind of fantastic things at 3rd base, which is not supposed to be his forte. Makes me look like an—-never mind this is DT,one of my favorite places.

  16. Anonymous

    It’s only the 4th—-impossible

  17. Anonymous

    Loney with a leadoff double. Do not adjust my set.

  18. Just chiming in to say:

    Damn, Kemp, what can you say?

    Terrific play by Hairston, to get deflection, recover and get speedy runner out by a mile at 2nd.
    Ump’s zone quite small to start, added to Lilly’s walks, looks like it’s expanding now.

    Good to see Jim Loney here today instead of the weaker hitting James Loney.

    The Houston ballpark and its quirks annoy me–that left center indented corner seems like the entrance to a grain elevator shaft.

    Go Dodgers!

  19. Anonymous

    The Pirates are behind the Cardinals 4-1 in the 9th. If the score holds like that, that would mean the Pirates would have started the season by playing 13 straight game where they neither gave up more than 5 runs or scored more than 5 runs.

  20. Anonymous

    Imagine if that was gordon instead of rivera!!! The only thing keeping him from scoring was Kemp in the way. Maybe for the best! I’m afraid  our scoring in the early innings vs. the late innings could get troubling.

  21. Anonymous

    sounds like we should have scored in that innings

  22. Anonymous

     Feeling nervous here. Astros keeping it close.

  23. Stolen base and a ball hit off Lilly’s glove, and suddenly the Dodgers are in a jam.

  24. Dodgers catch a break – Altuve doesn’t try to score from third on deep fly ball + poor throw by Rivera.

  25. Anonymous

    Jose Altuve is afraid of running for the cycle.

  26. Hairston again! Holy cow. Very close play, though.

    • Anonymous

      that is at least three runs that he has prevented with spectacular defensive plays.

      leave him in, I say.

    • KT

      by millimeters

  27. KT

    Finally caught up with 3 games of baseball today
    Kemp is on fire and Ethier is right behind him but not with Hr’s
    Hairiston has played fantastic 3rd
    Tough couple of losses in Milwaukee but I think we can still win this road trip

  28. Anonymous

    screw uribe.  harriston is our 3rd baseman of the present.

  29. Anonymous

    Way to get out of a jam!!

  30. Anonymous

    now we need some more runs

  31. KT

    Nice Sac

  32. KT

    thought that one was getting through for an extra run

  33. Anonymous

    We need to hold them here. So far they haven’t shown much ability to score in the later innings. They seem to be to worn out.

  34. KT

    Is Ted getting tired?

  35. KT

    strikem out throwem out…love it

  36. Anonymous

    Tough pitch by Ted!

  37. KT

    for someone struggling he sure got out of that inning fast

  38. Anonymous

    I don’t mind getting to see the FSWest Girls every commercial break, but their twitter feed is all kinds of annoying.

  39. Anonymous

    I am liking the amount of runners AJ is throwing out

  40. KT

    Another base knock…is he back over .500

  41. KT

    Lyons was right about the Houston pitcher wright constently rocking back and forth and never coming to a stop…got to let the dodger dugout know just incase we have a runner next inning against this guy ^_^

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