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Hairston’s unbelievable defensive hot streak

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Matt Kemp has reached base four times in seven innings tonight, including his eighth home run with a runner on in the first inning, and Andre Ethier singled home a run in the third, but how incredible has Jerry Hairston Jr. been at third base tonight and in the past three games?

Fans of defense, click and enjoy.

Wednesday, seventh inning: Diving backhand catch of Jonathan Lucroy liner with none out, score tied 2-2.

Thursday, eighth inning: With runners at second and third (tying run at third base), diving stop and throw from his knees to retire Alex Gonzalez.

Thursday, ninth inning: Barehand pick of Travis Ishikawa bunt, throwing him out with the Dodgers leading by one run.

Tonight, third inning: Runs down hard-hit ball off his glove, slide-stops and fires to second base to nail Jose Altve.

Tonight, fifth inning: With bases loaded in a two-run game, corrals grounder behind third base and dives at the bag to tag out J.D. Martinez.

Update: The Dodgers wasted some scoring opportunities, letting the Astros stay close, but still eked out a 3-1 victory. Ted Lilly walked six in six innings but allowed just the one run, while Josh Lindblom, Kenley Jansen and Javy Guerra combined to strike out six in their three shutout innings.


Game 14 chat


Home run d’ohby


  1. KT

    Lyons was right about the Houston pitcher wright constently rocking back and forth and never coming to a stop…got to let the dodger dugout know just incase we have a runner next inning against this guy ^_^

    • Anonymous

      Wright was a rule 5 draft pick off the Dodgers.

  2. Anonymous


    • KT

      oh yea and thanks for the updated batting avg

      Actually the symbols was for as if we actually could contact the Dodger dugout…maybe we could twitter skinnyswag q:<)

  3. KT

    yes…love good defense

  4. Elbert hasn’t pitched since 4/13, MacDougal since 4/14. 

  5. KT

    Nice DP ball Josh

  6. Anonymous

    Doctor DP.

  7. Lilly has a 0.69 ERA after 13 innings – he needed one more inning to qualify for the NL ERA race at this point. 

  8. Lindblom now has 9 2/3 scoreless innings this year. 

    • Anonymous

      Oh my Josh!

    • So we can be fairly sure he won’t be sent down at this point right? ;) (Not that anything is ever 100% certain on baseball maneuverings.)

      Would be nice if Elbert did get some work in, too, though. 

      • If he’s pitching like this when Coffey’s due to come off the DL … well, we’ll see if Coffey comes off the DL. 

      • Anonymous

        U-Dog, IIRC you are a fan of Calexico.  They play with a Latin fellow on an LP called Delpedro.  You should check it out, if you haven’t already.

        • Neat, thanks for the tip. I haven’t and I will! Lately, I’ve been using them as background music while I write.

          • Anonymous

            Actually the one I have is called Nubes de Papel, but there seems to be another one, which I haven’t heard, called Delpedro, which is also the name of the group.

  9. KT

    I don’t care who comes back from the DL…they should know by now Lindblom is good and needs to stay in the show

  10. Anonymous

    Here we go, Kenley!

  11. KT

    Come on Kenley throw strikes

  12. Anonymous

    Speed gun here doesn’t like Kenley, either.

    • KT

      doesn’t matter as long as he keeps striking them out

  13. KT

    mets had two on with no outs and failed to score SF wins 4-3 in the 10th

  14. KT

    Strikes out the side!!

  15. Kenley Jansen has faced 38 batters this season. He has struck out 17. 15.3 K/9 

  16. Anonymous


  17. KT

    Man on 2nd in the top of the 9th for CR tie 3-3 against the brewers…Why am I pulling for CR in this game…it must be because I just finished watching the boys in blue lose the series against the brew crew

  18. KT

    Let’s go Javy

  19. If Dodgers got an insurance run here I wouldn’t mind seeing old friend Scott Elbert in the 9th. But doubt it will happen.

    • Two nice plays by Lowrie prevent a chance at insurance run. 

      • Anonymous

        They would have needed a 4 run lead for any manager to bring in another pitcher than Guerra; besides, who was warming up.

  20. KT

    right on jerry…two more Javy

  21. Anonymous

    Javy up to 94 mph, the same that Kenley topped out at.

  22. Anonymous

    Thank you Kenley and Javy for the stress free 8th & 9th. Good night!

  23. KT

    Good win
    11-3 best record in NL

  24. Dodger pitchers now have 128 Ks. 3rd best in the big leagues, behind Nats and Yanks.

  25. Anonymous

    Nice to see Kemp get the game winning RBI out of the way early this evening – just 3 batters into the game.

  26. KT

    Night all…see you all tomorrow

  27. Anonymous

    If someone who can do this at B-R sees this I am curious as to the greatest # of BB+HBP by a Dodger opponent which scored 1 run or less.

  28. Anonymous

    Thanks to leekfink foe teaching me that a player who is injured in the minors and who would be placed on the major league 60-day DL cannot be placed on the 60-day, meaning the 40-man roster spot is not freed up.

  29. Anonymous

    Don Drysdale is the only Dodger pitcher to throw a shutout while hitting 3 or more batters. Or in his case, 3.

  30. Anonymous

    The Dodgers have trailed in only 18 innings so far this year. 19 if you count the 2 half innings were the visiting team scored in the top of the inning and the Dodgers tied it in the bottom. I had forgotten they were behind the whole game against San Diego which they lost 8-4, otherwise it would have been even more impressive. And not counting that game, the furthest they have been behind was 2 runs.

    That’s what an 11-3 record does for you.

  31. I may have to bookmark this post so I can return to savor those plays again later. I hope Vin Scully got to see these; he’d add some poetry as the cherry on top! 

  32. Jon, good piece you retweeted this morning on ESPN, by a Phillies blogger. Will re-link it here if anyone missed it:
    Dodgers can learn from Phillies

  33. Anonymous

    Nice to see HJ, not to be confused with HJ, get recognition on plays of the day at #1

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