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May day chat

Dodgers at Rockies, 5:40 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
James Loney, 1B
Tony Gwynn Jr., LF
Adam Kennedy, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Ted Lilly, P




It’s all good … it’s all good


  1. Adam Luther

    I’d imagine the next three game series (vs. the Giants and new ownership Magic Debut?) at home will be telling as far as attendance is concerned-but again it is early May and weeknights Monday-Wednesday.  Later in the week…Fireworks Friday, and Mother’s Day (Ethier tote bag – love that promotion – get mom something she can haul more stuff around in – stuff it with Dodger gear).

    In June the Dodgers play only 9 home games, vs. the Angels, ChiSox, and Mets.  Fortunately for 12 of the away games the Dodgers stay in the PST zone.

  2. Jibin Park

    According to “The Book: Playing the Percentages in Baseball,” the batting order should be constructed with your best hitters at #1, #2, and #4 with a bias at the #1 & #2 slots to those that tend to walk more.  Then your 4th and 5th best hitters should bat #3 & #5 and then 6th-9th in descending order of quality.
    The premise of not batting your best hitter 3rd is the idea that you do not want to have your best hitter batting in the inning with two outs and no one on.  And, generally speaking, you’d want to have a speedy guy batting 5th or 6th when you’re traditionally going to play for one run with weak singles hitters.  It does seem like a huge waste to have Dee Gordon leading off with Kemp and Ethier hitting behind them.
    Mattingly seems to have the prototypical mentality ini constructing his lineup and we seem to have the right personnel to fit the stereotypical mode.  1) Speedy 2) Bunt over, hit & run, “quality” at-bat guy 3) Best hitter on the team 4) Power Guy Thus, the Dodgers revised lineup should be as follows today: 1) Matt Kemp 2) AJ Ellis 3) James Loney 4) Andre Ethier 5) Mark Ellis 6) Dee Gordon 7) Tony Gwynn, Jr. 8) Adam Kennedy 9) Ted Lilly

    Given the choice between Mattingly’s lineup today and my lineup, how would you vote?

    • Anonymous

      According to the book, if your best hitters are at 1 & 2, why would the 3rd place hitter likely be hitting with no one on and two outs?  Why would you want the slower Mark Ellis on base in front of Gordon?  Not everything is as easy as the book lays it out.

      • Jibin Park

        Because the 3rd batter is always up 3rd in the 1st inning, a very likely outcome is two outs (even with the two best hitters on the team) with no on.  Currently hitting before Gordon is the even slower pitcher.  Mark Ellis won’t get on about 65% of the time and considering he’ll double, triple or HR once in awhile, he won’t be at 1B “clogging” the bases about 70% of the time, and I would assume 75% of the time he’ll either advance to 3rd or home on a base hit from Gordon, so Gordon would still have plenty of opportunities to steal.  

        That being said, the difference in lineup construction is a matter of 1-2 wins (at best).  The problem in hitting Kemp leadoff or second would be the stigma associated with it and the baseball tradition that bestows the best player on the team batting 3rd in the lineup.  I think if we could agree that Kemp, Ethier and Ellis (AJ) are the best hitters on the team (in terms of OPS), we should bat them 1,2,4.  Less controversial would be having Ellis lead off, Ethier bat second and Kemp bat fourth.  

  3. Anonymous


  4. Other than moving A.J. up in the order, I’m not sure there’s much that can be done to help the Dodger lineup. 

  5. Jibin Park

    Flip flop AJ Ellis and Dee Gordon and I’d be happy although Gordon’s stock as a fantasy baseball player (who I own) would drop.

  6. KT


  7. Jibin Park

    Scratch that previous lineup.  Dee Gordon bats cleanup!

  8. KT

    Rockie Announcer just said “I didn’t think he could hit it that far if he was standing in the outfield”

  9. Anonymous

    Oh yeah!

  10. KT

    Nice Mark…let’s score a bunch guys
    Come on Matty…Have a strong May also

  11. Anonymous

    Did you see that! I don’t quite know what to say.

  12. Anonymous

    Dee Gordon—The bruiser.

  13. KT

    Nice Matty
    Come on Dre

  14. The Dodgers have their second 1-1 player of 2012!

  15. KT


  16. Anonymous

    Let’s just not let them come up in this one.

  17. KT

    Nice Adam…good to see you get #2

  18. SOo….. Who had “Dee’s First Home Run WIll Not be an Inside the Parker” in the pool? Because it wasn’t me!

    Fun top of the 1st. Ain’t over yet given the conditions, the ballpark, and so on. Don’t do what Chacin did, Ted. 

  19. KT

    Nice play by tony…made it close

  20. Anonymous

    Testing again.

  21. KT

    This is the big one Ted…get him out

  22. KT

    Nice DP

  23. Anonymous

    Gordon > Pujols in the Homerun race

    • KT

      Maybe that would be incentive for Albert

  24. Anonymous

    Testing Again.

  25. KT

    Nice Mark
    Come on Matty

  26. KT

    Do it again Dre

  27. KT

    Let’s go BGJ

  28. Anonymous

    Come on WGJ, rekindle some of that Coors magic!

  29. I just turned on Gameday and read the summary. Gordon hit a home run, it told me. I didn’t believe it till I watched the video clip.

    Gordon? Boy, I hope he doesn’t think he’s a slugger now.

  30. KT

    I was thinking that was going to be a gapper

  31. KT

    Good inning Ted

  32. KT

    Good hit Tony

    Come on Adam…let’s get # 3

  33. KT

    Let’s go AJ…drive him in

  34. Anonymous

    Another great Colletti find—Adam Kennedy. He couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a canoe.!

  35. KT

    Way to go AJ!!

    Come on Ted…Move him over

  36. Anonymous

    Nice hitting by AJ, the starting NL All-Star catcher.

  37. KT

    Nice catch by EY jr

  38. Anonymous

    Oh dear—-A. J. Ellis has become an above average player by having a good OBP, being a student of the catchers game defensively, and being somewhat intelligent. If this gets out it could ruin the game by diluting the # of A-holes around!

  39. KT

    Another good inning 7 in a row Ted

  40. How close were the inning-ending outs by Loney and Gordon to being hits?

    • Anonymous

      Loney’s ball was scorched, but straight at second. EY made a great diving catch on Gordon’s ball, which might have gone for an inside-the-parker if he’s missed it.

    • KT

      Loney’s line drive was about Head high maybe a little higher right at scuturro…Gordons was a flat out dive towards the LFer by EY caught about waist high

  41. KT

    Excellent Mark 3-3
    Come on matty

  42. Anonymous

    As great as Matty has been and he is only 2nd on the team in RBI’s.

  43. KT

    Good eye Dre

  44. KT

    This is the way I like to see the bases when Tulo gets up…empty

  45. KT

    Ted is pitching phenominally…10 in a row

  46. Anonymous

    I always get a bit anxious on games in Denver when the team has wasted a lot of opportunities, even though they have a lead.

  47. KT

    Way to start it off Tony…Come on Adam

  48. KT

    weak…couldn’t even move him over

  49. KT


    • Anonymous

      As we said, the starting NL catcher in the All-Star Game. He has more RBI and a better OBP than either McCann or Posey and, unlike Posey, he hasn’t cost his team several games with his defense.

      • KT

        It woul take a mass media promotion by LA and the fans to vote constantly for him to get in because of the unknown factor

  50. KT

    Need a DP here

  51. Right now Ted Lilly is making a real run to be the best fifth starter in last 3 decades I estimate!

  52. Jibin Park

    Steve Lyons is trying to discredit BABIP as a stat.

  53. KT

    Dre 5 ft from another HR this one to dead cf

  54. Jibin Park

    Announcers should be banned from saying things like “Ted Lilly has not given a homerun this year.  The last person to have hit a homerun against Lilly was Carlos Gonzalez.”

  55. KT

    Nice play Tony

  56.  I wonder (it seems like it) if this is the first game where all 8 starters have gotten a hit..

    • KT

      I think there was another game in SD or against SD

      I know it was early in the season

  57. KT

    good eye Adam

    Come on AJ

  58. Not clear on why Lilly is exiting with a pitch count of 79. 

    • KT

      The rockies feed had Lilly talking to Falzone with Honeycutt standing in the area listening…he was going through a motion with his arm…but it didn’t look too serious…maybe a precaution

      • Christopher Staaf

        I hope that’s exactly what it is because Lindblom is getting lit up right now. If Mattingly pulled Lilly after 79 pitches because he “lost” the shutout…

  59. KT

    Kenedy was a little too far off the line to get that one

  60. KT

    Wow they’re touching Josh today…hopefully he can shut them down

  61. KT

    the balls not moving much for Josh

  62. Anonymous

    Well, Lindblom ain’t got it tonight.

    • Christopher Staaf

      That is a gross understatement. I hope Lilly is OK. I am gonna guess Mattingly pulled him for precautionary reasons, not because he lost the shutout. 

    • KT

      the ball is hanging up in the air for the batters to tatoo

  63. KT

    need to get scutterro here

  64. Anonymous

    Vin may not have made the trip, but I can hear him now.  “Welcome to Colorado Mr. Lindblom.”

  65. KT

    Nice Mark

  66. Jibin Park

    Kemp is not 50 SB material.

    • Anonymous

      I was always worried that 50 SB would wear out his legs for the later part of the season.  If he accomplishes the first half, good enough.

      • Anonymous

        Do SB wear out legs more than other kinds of running? Players have to sprint so many times during each game, I can’t imagine SB would factor into the amount of wear a player has.

  67. Christopher Staaf

    I don’t feel good about this game at all. 

  68. Anonymous

    Helton is an extremely tough out. Ethier misplayed Tulo’s ball, which should have been a double instead of a triple.

    • Anonymous

      Ethier didn’t play the ball well, but the ball also took an unusual carom off the scoreboard. The angle of incidence didn’t equal the angle of reflection.

      • Anonymous

        You may be right, but he had no chance to catch it, and should have been anticipating a carom. Tulo still might have gotten third, I’ll admit.

  69. Anonymous

    While I started to agree with Chris, I’m feeling better by the out.  Javy’s redemption game.

    • Christopher Staaf

      I am on pins and needles right now. And to think an hour ago, it was 7-0. 

  70. Anonymous

    Me too.

  71. Anonymous

    I will be officially nervous when Guerra takes the mound with a one-run lead.

    • Christopher Staaf

      I am nervous now. Three straight left handed hitters against Matt Reynolds. I don’t know if we can scratch out an insurance run here. 

    • Anonymous

       Gotta start the road back sometime.  Let it be tonight.

  72. Anonymous

    Need some insurance.

  73. Jibin Park

    Come on, Guerra! Get us a save!

  74. KT

    What kind of bunt was that James

  75. Anonymous

    OMG look at the benches== we put up Kennedy when we absolutely could use a run.
    This could be the end.

    • Christopher Staaf

      I guess Hairston’s not feeling well. 

    • Anonymous

       I have to agree.  Even if his bat is not much better, Uribe certainly tightens up the 9th inning defense.  Why not use him at the plate.

      • Anonymous

        he is 2 for 20 vs LHP so far this year and 11 for 69 last year

    • Anonymous

      Uribe has hit well lately, and is a far better defensive third baseman.

  76. Anonymous

    Why Sellers in at 3rd for defense rather than Uribe?

  77. First passed ball of the year for A.J. 

  78. One can only assume Uribe is hurt at this point. 

  79. KT

    Nice play Mark

  80. Anonymous

     one more strike!!!

    • Christopher Staaf

      Whew. Javy, stop scaring us like that. Good win. 

  81. KT

    Nice Ballgame

  82. Anonymous

     It wasn’t pretty, but welcome back Javy.

  83.  I can breath again!

    • Anonymous

       Nothing more really needs be said

  84. Anonymous

    Full credit to Guerra and the Ellises in this game.

  85. Anonymous

    The last pitch to CarGo was a great one.

  86. Those last three pitches from Javy were lovely to see. Oo, nasty! 

  87. Anonymous

    Since my heart rate is still up, think I’ll sweat out the end of the Miami vs. SF game.

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