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It’s all good … it’s all good

On a night that Dee Gordon hit his first major-league home run (off the upper deck, no less) …

On a night that Andre Ethier and A.J. Ellis also hit taters …

On a night that Ted Lilly pitched an effective six innings …

On a night that Mark Ellis had four hits and fine defense …

On a night that Javy Guerra struck out the first and last batters of the ninth inning …

I’m not going to spend a moment worrying about what might have gone wrong in between.

Dodgers 7, Rockies 6.


May day chat


New ownership press conference: 10 a.m.


  1. Never a doubt.

  2. KT

    Good to see Javy save one again without too much drama

  3. Anonymous

    It was an impressive bat snapping by Gonzalez at the end. He didn’t do it over his knee either. Right on the ground.

  4. Adam Luther

    A.J. Ellis .280/12/60 would not be too bad for the catcher spot.

  5. Anonymous

    Exhibition: Pioneers of Baseball’s Integration.
    it is in South Pasadena

  6. Anonymous

    That game took years off of my life. If Mark Ellis doesn’t make that great play at 2B, the Rox win. Javy was FILTHY! Welcome back, kid!

  7. Says Dylan Hernandez: Ted Lilly exited early because of a stiff side muscle, and Juan Uribe couldn’t pinch-hit because he re-injured wrist

  8. Anonymous

    Having seen Mark Ellis play in Oakland, I never shared the disdain that many Dodger fans appear to have had for his signing. We can argue he shouldn’t be batting second, but he’s had some pretty good offensive years, and his defense is superb.

    He is also the all-time MLB home run leader from South Dakota.

  9. Anonymous

    Meanwhile, at The Phone Booth To Be Named Later, Heath Bell (ERA 9.82) retires the Gnats 1-2-3 in the ninth to preserve a victory for Nolasco over Cain.

  10. Jibin Park According to Leivenberg, Jansen, Lindblom and Chris Reed will soon become the Dodgers closer!

    • Anonymous

      Not shooting the messenger but I can’t see Chris Reed (although very good) jumping over Shawn Tolleson for the closer role.

  11. Anonymous

    Just tuned in. Dee…. a home run …

    • Jibin Park

      an upper deck no doubt shot, too!

  12. Anonymous

    So what does it take to pry Wright from the Muts?

    • Jibin Park

      Ethier, Chris Reed, and Lindblom

      • overkill94

        Why would the Mets want a player just about to hit free agency?  I’m guessing they’d want Lee as the centerpiece along with probably Webster and someone like Silveiro.

      • Anonymous

        I doubt they would want Ethier in a trade, since he will be a free agent after this season. If the Mets were planning on winning now, they would not trade Wright in the first place.

    • Anonymous

       Too much…

  13. Anonymous

    Did anyone think AJ Ellis would be hitting .305/.446/.475 a month into the season? Wow!

    • Anonymous

      I expected him to do well, but certainly not this well.

      • Anonymous

        I would not have expected him to not allow a pass ball in such a crucial situation. But we all make mistakes. Thankfully it didn’t come back to hurt us.

  14. Anonymous

    Way to hang in there Javy! …… 

  15. Anonymous

    I’m not going to fret over this game alone, but the bullpen has me concerned.  Everything has gone very well, but the bullpen has not held up it’s end.  I know the closer is going to blow a save now and then, but it seems like we have nights when our entire bullpen is off.  Hopefully they will come together soon and be more consistent.  Maybe it’s just killing me thinking what our record would be without the blown last inning.

  16. Anonymous

    Was listening to the radio yesterday….
    Listening to an analysis of the new ownership’s lack of immediate trade options….
    Got me to thinking about the Mike Piazza trade….
    I really liked that SI article written at the time about the trade….05/14/1998.
    Some great lines in there…
    “I’m with the fish!” … said a shocked Mike Piazza after learning about his trade to the Marlins.
    Anyways…. not a good time in Dodger history for me. 
    But, fascinating to me, is all the behind-the-scenes stuff.  IMHO. 

  17. From April’s top defender: Jerry Hairston Jr. 

  18. Anonymous

    Was there anyone on the bench who could have bunted for Loney?

    • Anonymous

      Jerry Hairston Jr., who could have also played 1B for Loney if needed in the 10th had the Rockies tied the game in the bottom of the 9th. My biggest riff with Mattingly was sending up four consecutive left-handed batters to face Rockies left-hander Matt Reynolds. The only Dodger lefty who can hit a lefty did so but was left stranded at first base when the other three (as expected) bombed. Not using Hairston in this situation was a Torre-like decision by Mattingly and it easily could have bitten him in the… well, it could have bitten him.

      • Anonymous

        Mattingly will PH for Loney when we need a hit, but he won’t PH for Loney when we need a sacrifice bunt.

  19. Anonymous

    Instead of Dee’s bat how about that arm. Monday it was the relay to home….yesterday it was that throw from deep SS! Now why can’t he make the simple throw to 1B????

  20. Anonymous

    I like that little table Jon posted.  While I’m sure he did it to show that Kemp and Ellis are in the top three in OBP, it also shows how you can almost always find a column to sort on such that the guy who is number one in almost everything, isn’t number one in that one particular thing.  :)

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