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Dodgers laugh last, 9-1

A Dodgers-Giants game that was tied 1-1 in the bottom of the sixth ended up a 9-1 Dodger laugher.

Fun treats in the boxscore all around. The most exciting player in baseball, Dodger catcher A.J. Ellis, doubled, singled, scored and RBIed. Andre Ethier had two hits and two RBI, Bobby Abreu went 2 for 3 and Juan Rivera produced a 5 0 0 2 line. Ted Lilly struck out six in six innings of one-run ball – and his ERA for 2012 rose to 1.41.

My personal highlight came after Matt Kemp (3 for 3 with a walk), who was favoring his sore hamstring tonight, scored from third on a throwing error in the seventh inning, when I suggested on Twitter that the Dodgers put James Loney at first base, Tony Gwynn Jr. in center and Juan Rivera in left so that Kemp could take a seat.

In the top of the eighth, Gwynn ran down a ball in left-center that might have driven in one run, and then Loney made a tremendous diving stop to save what would have been two runs. The Dodgers then blew the game open with five runs in the bottom of the eighth, thanks to the coup de non grace from a San Francisco defense that was shaky all night.


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  1. Rest of the division is now playing sub-500 ball. 

    • Anonymous

      The second-place Gnats are closer to last than to first.

  2. KT

    Good call Jon
    Was that a record number of posts for the last thread…never seen so many myself

  3. Jon, re Guerra, he’s simply reverting to form:

    How’s that for wholly uninspiring…

    • Anonymous

      There have been other players who were better in the majors than they were in the majors.  The question with Guerra is whether he will revert to the form he displayed early in his minor-league career, or revert to the form he displayed with the Dodgers in 2011.  Either one could happen.

  4. Hey Jon, I love the new site (I couldn’t coment on ESPN for some reason) and thanks for the fun game recap.  I do NOT regret staying up late on the East Coast to watch the later innings of this one.  What a great game!

  5. Anonymous

    Is Andre Werth it?

    I get the feeling that this is not going to end well.  Jayson bites us again!

  6. Anonymous

    In ERA, Lilly is 3rd in MLB, Capuano is 17th, Kershaw is 33rd, and Bills is 54th.
    In WHIP, Lilly is 7th, Kershaw is 11th, Bills is 36th, and Capuano is 42nd.

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