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Upbeat news on Hairston (or wishful thinking)

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10 p.m.
Dee Gordon, SS
Mark Ellis, 2B
Matt Kemp, CF
Andre Ethier, RF
Juan Rivera, 1B
Bobby Abreu, LF
Juan Uribe, 3B
A.J. Ellis, C
Ted Lilly, P

Jerry Hairston, Jr. might be back in action within a couple of days, according to Eric Stephen of True Blue L.A. Of course, the Dodgers have a long history of underestimating the severity of injuries, but we’ll try to be optimistic.

In fact, already making it back into today’s lineup are Matt Kemp (hooray!) and Juan Uribe (hooray?).

In other news, Kenley Jansen has replaced Javy Guerra as the Dodgers’ closer. Presumably, Josh Lindblom is now the primary set-up man, though it wasn’t immediately spelled out whether Guerra would move into a set-up role or into middle relief while he works out his problems.


No Guerrantees


Dodgers laugh last, 9-1


  1. I’m assuming the Dodgers…and Kemp…will be smart about this hamstring thing as well. And…Manager Mattingly…if you’re going to use Kemp as a pinch hitter in a 1 run game, perhaps the best choice would be AFTER the 6th inning.

    •  I don’t understand this comment. Kemp was used in the seventh inning, and he was used in a spot in which it was reasonable enough to assume would be the Dodgers’ last occasion for a pinch-hitter. The pitcher’s spot didn’t come up again in the game until extra innings, and using Kemp to bat for another position player would have meant burning two of them – on a day that Kemp, Hairston and Uribe were injured.

      • There is the problem that Kemp would have needed a pinch-runner at first base if he singled. But other than that, using your best hitter as a pinch-hitter to lead off an inning in a one-run game – sounds good to me.

      • I agree with you 81.7 percent of the time.  But I disagree with you here.   2 outs.  Nobody on.  Matt Kemp was basically wasted.  Batting Kemp in that situation basically says we got the game won.  It says we’re looking for a 2 run cushion with 2 innings to go on the statistically improbable chance Kemp leaves the yard, or he  doubles and Gordon drives him in , etc…  I never liked it at the time.  One of the few times, admittedly, I was right.  I swear to God I would have batted Kershaw in that situation with a depleted bench.  2 outs.  Bases empty.  Saved Kemp for a more opportune time if it arised.

        •  So what you’re basically saying is that you will not have used Kemp yesterday, otherwise, he would had to take the field.

          • Not at all.  I’m saying I wouldn’t have batted Kemp with 2 outs and the bases empty.  I’d have batted Kershaw or Uribe with the Cubs having 3 more innings to hit.

    • My error.  3 Cub AB’s left.    I think it further supports my argument.

      • Anonymous

         In reality, what it said was Kemp is unavailable, but we are going to extend his games played streak.

  2. KCAL game, I assume?

    • Anonymous

       The only word I can think of for this violates rule 1.  I guess it is Yahoo! or game day for me again.

      • Anonymous

        Welcome to my world ;)

        • Anonymous

           I’m surprised MLB didn’t classify Australia as home territory for all West Coast teams. :)

          • Anonymous

            That can all come here for pre season. The weather is lovely Feb and March :)

  3. Anonymous

    A left handed Loney is not needed, but a left handed Abreu is. Interesting.

    • Anonymous

      I’m liking the energy and freshness that Abreu has brought to the team. Also at the moment Abreu’s bat is more that a threat than Loney’s.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe it’s because Loney is 2 for 28 against Zito with 7 K’s!

  4. Anonymous

    wondering out loud if this is the first time Jansen has closed games, or was asked to close for the Dodgers. Sorry wasn’t really paying attention last year.

    • Anonymous

      Jansen has been used in closer situations in his career thus far, and has 11 saves in 13 opportunities.  However, unless I am mistaken, I do not recall his ever being officially designated with the “closer” title before.  (Like Jon, I think the entire concept is flawed.)

      • Anonymous

         I’m working from memory, but after Broxton imploded against the Yankees, didn’t KJ save the next game?

        • Anonymous

          Don’t work from memory!  :)
          Broxton gave up four runs to the Yankees on June 27, 2010.  The following day against the ‘ants, Bills started, Weaver won in relief, Belisario got a hold, and Kuo got the save.
          Kenley Jansen’s first game in the majors was almost a month later, on July 24, 2010.

      • Jansen has never been an official closer. It’s worth noting, however, that Guerra was pitching in the ninth inning last year long before Mattingly ever mentioned him and “closer” in the same sentence. 

  5. Anonymous

    Nice to see Belisario back, when he’s right his fastball has amazing movement…

  6. Anonymous

    >> it wasn’t immediately spelled out whether Guerra would move into a set-up role or into middle relief while he works out his problems.
    …or into Chattanooga…

    • Anonymous

      I know you are trying to be funny and Chattanooga sounds funny; but, the Dodgers are loaded with late inning relief pitchers with very good stats most of them with strong track records. If he needs to go to the minors, I predict either Alb. or an injury with a rehab at RC

      • Jansen was sent to Chattanooga last year – seems to me that’s a very plausible destination for Guerra, rather than Albuquerque, where the Dodgers are increasingly reluctant to place their top pitchers. 

      • Anonymous

        I wasn’t trying to be funny.  It’s quite possible the Dodgers would send down Guerra for some development work.  And if so, as Jon indicated, it would likely be to Chattanooga rather than Albuquerque, just as they have done with Eovaldi, Jansen, etc.

  7. KT

    I think I have the Giants feed tonight, maybe not Directv is showing 2 MLB extra inning channels soo I might get lucky
    Tomorrow I definitely have the Giants feed. I don’t think I can go 2 days in a row especially since they are already showing which is the fans favorite Giants vs Dodgers moments. I think the Joe Morgan 3 run Hr to knock us out of the playoffs will win the poll.

    • KT

      the guide was wrong only 1 mlb extra inning tonight…Giants feed 2 days in a row…Bummer

  8. Anonymous

    Kenley Jansen enters today’s games leading the majors in appearances with 16.

  9. Anonymous

    i’m glad i was wrong (yesterdays comment about hearing that Jansen doesn’t recover quickly) my source failed me, i’m sorry.

  10. KT

    That’s right get the 1st one…way to go Ted

  11. Anonymous

    easy as 1,2,3 nice inning by Lilly.

  12. KT

    Let’s get it started Dee

    • KT

      He likes to go after that High “Strike”

  13. KT

    Good Eye Dee…Make it a double
    I know he has trouble on the basepaths against lefties

  14. Anonymous

    Obvious that Gordon is still working on reading left handers.  No worries, comes with time and experience.

  15. KT

    Good hustle Dre

  16. Anonymous

    I don’t think the new ownership will be happy with the Giants having a more solid team than the 
    Dodgers.: As an aside I really feel that Colletti might as well be the image of the Giants organization.
    The sooner the Dodgers stop Aping the Giants the happier I WILL BE. Only after the seperation can the dodgers get better.

    • Anonymous

      I think you mean the Gnats.

    • Anonymous

       I’ll concede Posey is one of the finest hitters in the game and that the 1-3 starters are high quality, but where is the rest of the “more solid” team?

      • Anonymous

        He’s a decent hitter for a catcher, but mediocre for a first baseman.

        • Anonymous

          If he had hit the same as he has done this season but played only first he would be 6th in MLB in OPS.

      • Anonymous

        I think a team that’s 18-10 is more solid than one that’s 14-14.

        • Anonymous

           I agree.  I’d much rather build around Kemp, Kershaw, Gordon, and the young minor league arms than what SF is looking at.

      • Anonymous

        i’m a firm believer on building your foundation from pitching, don’t really know if that actually works or not in reality though.

    • Anonymous

      >> The sooner the Dodgers stop Aping the Giants the happier I WILL BE.
      Seems like the ‘ants are the ones who have been imitating the Dodgers in recent years, by changing from a team that relied on power hitting to a weak-hitting team with a solid pitching rotation.

  17. KT

    looked like we were going to score that inning…Oh well next inning

  18. Anonymous

    If I recall correctly, Posey leads all MLB catchers in errors. If he gets enough starts at first, he could be the first player to lead the league at two positions.

    • Anonymous

      He has 4 E’s at catcher tied with 2 others.
      He has no passed balls. Ellis is tied for the ML lead in that stat,now.

  19. KT

    Good catch Matty!!

  20. Anonymous

    Lefty on the hill….. I know Dee’s fast…but, Ellis should have been laying one down in the 1st….
    (IMHO… I’m on tape delay….just trying to catch up…)

    • Anonymous

      Really, bunting in the first inning with Zito on the hill?

      • Anonymous

        Yes.  I think that there’s a notion that Dee’s speed is so good, that it all but eliminates the need to sacrifice when he’s on 1B… I disagree… Lefty’s hold runners better (usually) and I’d really like to send Lilly out to start the second inning with a lead.
        Hey Bob…when you played ball, were you a power hitter?  an extra-base hitter?  a base hitter? What was your game at the plate?  :-)

        • Anonymous

          I was an OBP machine that went the other way!  I was questioning the “need” for the sac at that point. Not a good percentage play unless pitcher at bat or only looking for one run late in the game against an otherwise tough guy on the mound.

          • Anonymous

            I’m with ya! …

            An OBP machine?  Perhaps I should dub you “Moneyball_Hendley” then…

          • Anonymous

            Lets just say, I was valued for my defense (catcher) and they were just happy when I got on base.

  21. Anonymous

    Nice play by Kemp, what made that play nice to watch was the first step he took & how well he read it off the bat. I didn’t see the first step he took but you can tell buy how smooth he made that play. Little things i appreaciate.

  22. KT

    Nice hit Bobby

  23. Abreu looking spry on that double to left. 

  24. Anonymous

    Bobby hasn’t had a bad pa yet (the umps did mess him up a few times, though)

  25. Anonymous

    Abreu has yet to hit a single for the Dodgers.

  26. Ned Colletti is a GENIUS!

    • Anonymous

       I support him as GM and think he has done a nice job under the circumstances, but not willing to use the word Genius.

    • KT

      ^_^     Did you get my note on the promotions available

      • Anonymous

        did not…  on FB?

        • KT

          actually through hotmail…I’ll post to you on FB

  27. Anonymous

    that’s pretty impressive man, 12 years pitching & Zito’s only missed 1 start. WHAT!

    • Anonymous

      How unfortunate for the giants.

    • Anonymous

      From late July 2000 to mid-April 2011, so it’s parts of 12 seasons, but less than 11 years of pitching.  He only started six more games last year after mid-April.

  28. If Abreu winds up being something then maybe we can forgive Colletti with the unnecessary u Adreuw Jones, or however it was spelled.

    • As far as I’m concerned Abreu should start in left against RH’s and start at 1st instead of Loney against lefties.  I’m tired of the Loney nonsense.

    • KT

      I have a good feeling about Bobby…you know change of scenery and all

    • Anonymous

      Pretty much a no-brainer under the circumstances. Heck, even I would have picked him up.  Now, we have to keep him from signing Bobby to a two-year contract.

  29. KT

    Giant announcers are talking about where Abreu is playing against Zito…too deep

  30. Anonymous

    ehhhh….  I think Loney might play better if he played more regular.  All that time on the bench may make him forget the intricacies of not showing any emotion.

  31. KT

    Nice pitch Ted

  32. Anonymous

    Ok…. Walk-up songs anybody?

    If you could, in your dreams, be strutting up to home plate at Dodger Stadium, what song would they be playing? 

    • Anonymous

       PS – Answers such as, “She Bop” … “I’m Too Sexy….” …. or anything by Beiber should be a rule violation in some way, shape, or form…. :-)

    • Anonymous

      Beethoven’s 5th.

    • Anonymous

      I’m a Little Teapot?

      • Anonymous

         This will definitely appeal to the younger fans in the stadium…

        • Anonymous

          I was kinda hoping it would start a whole new kind of “wave” — everyone doing the dance in the stands….  might be fun.

          • Anonymous

             Yep… Hey, if the folks in Anaheim have the Rally Monkey….
            Why can’t we have “The Tea Pot” .. ???

  33. KT

    Come on Dee start it off again

  34. KT

    Good hit Mark

  35. Anonymous

    If we hit any more doubles, Vin is going to go absolutely apoplectic with the Deuces wild schtick.

  36. KT

    Come on Juan Gone

  37. KT

    Nice we score 1st

  38. A chance for Bobby to do some damage…

  39. KT

    same sequence as Dre’s at bat

  40. KT

    Giants announcers just call tim wallach…Eli

    • Anonymous

       Pretty cool… Afterall, that was his nickname….

  41. Anonymous

    Lilly’s got a nice swing where i’m always thinking he might get a hit.

    • Anonymous

      He needs to get the other pitcher to throw the ball at his bat.

  42. KT

    Why did Dee throw the ball

    • Anonymous

      Gotta eat that one. Trying to do to much.

    • KT

      got 2 errors on that play

      • KT

        Didn’t hurt though except for his fielding avg which I don’t think will be very high this year

        • Anonymous

          Something to learn from, which didn’t cost us.  Cheap.

  43. Anonymous

    Steiner appears to have called a routine fly ball accurately.

  44. KT

    Come on Dee take your mind off the errors and get a hit

  45. KT

    Nice hit Matty
    Come on Dre

  46. KT

    Pill made that interesting

  47. KT

    Bad play by Matty and they gave him an error even though he didn’t touch it

  48. Anonymous

    Posey is making some good swings off of Lilly.

    • KT

      until he doesn’t swing at all…way to go Ted

    • Anonymous

      Ha!  Buckled his knees with 89 mph fastball.

  49. KT

    Nice Pitch Ted

  50. Anonymous

    oh man, nice K Lilly.

  51. Anonymous

    Steiner has called two consecutive routine fly balls accurately.

  52. Anonymous

    Is Lily throwing knuckleballs? What’s up with AJ tonite? Putting his all star bid in jeopardy.

  53. KT

    AJ’s not handling the pitches well tonight…that’s 3 that should have been caught

  54. Anonymous

    Who do you put that run on? Kemp? Ellis?

    • Anonymous

      Would have scored from second, no?

      • KT

        yes…running on the pitch with two outs…definitely

    • KT

      Kemp…he would have scored from second anyway with two outs

      • Anonymous

        You think? Seemed shallow to me, but the 2 outs factor probably makes that so.

        • KT

          the shallowness is part of the equation…matty had to come all the way in to get it and he’s not moving well tonight

  55. KT

    Come on Ted

    • KT

      went further and further away from the batter until he got a swing and miss…good pitching against the rookie Ted

  56. Anonymous

    Teddy Boy!

  57. Dave Birrell

    Lilly was unlucky to give up an earned run there. Without the error by Kemp and the passed ball by Ellis, then Arias is still on first base when the single is hit.

  58. Anonymous

    I am soooooooooo tired of Juan Uribe. Sooooooooooo tired.

  59. Anonymous

    A bum no longer!  :)

  60. Anonymous

    Aside from this year, the most recent year in which Abreu failed to steal at least 20 bases was 1998 (when he stole 19).

  61. Anonymous

    “Um, you just walked Juan Uribe. Are you okay?” Dave Righetti.

  62. Anonymous

    as Dodger fans we must vote for AJ, we must!!!

  63. Anonymous

    AJ atones!

  64. Anonymous

    AJ Ellis, making the most of his opportunity.  Good for him!

  65. KT


  66. Anonymous

    Nice, AJ!

    Now, imagine Rod Barajas there trying to hit a 7 run home run. Not a bad trade off.

  67. Anonymous

    That was a great bunt. Wow.

  68. KT


  69. That bunt play was crazy. Uribe was halfway down the line but no one swung to cover third and trap him into a rundown, so he could just jog home. 

    • Anonymous

      It looked like there was some craziness going on, but they didn’t show the replay on the gnats broadcast. 

    • KT

      he only retreated 2 steps

  70. Anonymous

    i’m telling you man, those bunts (when at the stadium) are like home runs i tell you!

  71. Anonymous

    And Uribe returns to the dugout in the best possible way.

    • Anonymous

      The best possible way is for him to return to the Visitors’ dugout.

  72. Anonymous

    Now the Gnats are rounding into form.

  73. KT

    The only thing I don’t like is now we have to cover 3 innings from the bullpen

    • Anonymous

      But we got extra runs to take the pressure off, right?

      Belli, Lindbloom, Jansen?

    • Anonymous

      Well, there’s a 3-run lead, against a weak-hitting team.  Also, that lead gives the ability for the Dodgers to try out the bullpen arms that haven’t yet proven their reliability, like Belisario, Guerra, Coffey, Elbert, and Wright.  I like using Belisario here; it’s still early but so far he may be good like he was in 2009, and we sure could use him. I would not have used Lindblom, and would instead have saved him (and Jansen) for tomorrow, unless and until the ‘ants narrowed the Dodger lead.

  74. Anonymous

    Not sure he has enough innings to qualify, but Lilly is close to the top in ERA and WHIP. (and hopefully winning percentage)

  75. Anonymous

    you guys see the way Belly made that play (holding the ball with his hand & GLOVE) that’s the right way to tag a guy out!!

    • Anonymous

      in close contact plays like that…

  76. Anonymous

    Ellis has a higher OBA and higher OPS than Posey, and an equal number of RBI.

  77. KT

    good inning belli

  78. KT

    So did they sing God Bless America

  79. KT

    Nice Matty

  80. Anonymous

    Does that hammy look healthy to anyone else?

  81. KT

    Anyone have the Dodgers feed…I was wondering if they got rid of singing God Bless America or not

    • Anonymous

      They still God Bless America. They don’t play that “other song” in the bottom of the 8th by “that band” from the San Francisco area.

      • KT

        ok thanks BT…one out of two isn’t bad…I have nothing against the song…I just don’t think it belongs at the ballpark

        • Anonymous

          That and “The Wave.”

          • KT

            I never participate and I’ve taught my daughter not to either

          • Anonymous

            I will remember that when I take the kids to a game this season.

      • Dave Birrell

        Except the game is still only in the 7th inning.

      • Anonymous

         “that bad band” from the San Francisco area

    • Dave Birrell


    • Anonymous

      I have the dodgers feed and I can attest to the very fact that Jeffrey Osbourne gave reason for us to question the title.

  82. Dave Birrell

    Crazy night.

  83. KT

    Juan ripps that ball…took the pitchers glove off

  84. Anonymous

    I have never seen that before … watch enough games and all that…

  85. Anonymous

    So…. was Guerra a starter before he went to the pen last season? 

    • Anonymous

      He was a starter when he started out in the minors (2004-2007) but aside from three starts in 2008, has been used exclusively in relief since then, in the minors as well as in the majors (his MLB debut was last year).

  86. KT

    Come on Josh DP

  87. “I think you should regard Ned as permanent,” Kasten said. “That would be the case whether he’s here for 20 years or a much shorter period.”

    • KT

      Love that reply…very vague…He’s permanent until he’s fired

    • Anonymous

      That’s a huge non-answer. 

      I still think nothing happens this season, tho. Right?

  88. KT

    BEAUTIFUL Play James

    • Anonymous

      if he could excite us that way with his bat.

      • KT

        I think a little 2 hole time would work but it won’t happen with Ellis at bats…He’s done an outstanding job in the 2 hole

    • Anonymous


      • KT

        Again ^_^

        • Anonymous

          You come up with the names, and I’ll keep coming up with the initials.

  89. Anonymous

    Nice play James. Nice play.

  90. Jibin Park

    Happy birthday, Loney!

    • KT

      It must be his birthday all the time…because he’s made plays like that many times…That’s one thing I never doubt about him is his glove

  91. Dave Birrell

    Dodgers pulling out their best defense that inning. Gwynn was good, Loney great.

  92. Anonymous

    I have no TV tonight, but it sounds as if Lindblom was not exactly sharp that inning.

    • Anonymous

      Not as sharp as he’s been, but not nerve-wracking shabby either.

  93. Anonymous

    For those speculating about whether they’ll be able to watch this series on television, remember that tomorrow night’s game will be on the MLB Network cable channel, the national channel that does not require the subscription to the MLB Extra Innings package.  It’s the first of six such games this month. Schedule:

    • KT

      maybe I won’t have the giants feed…do they use different announcers or do they just pick a certain feed to broadcast?

      • Anonymous

        MLB Network usually uses one of the two local feeds for the national broadcast.

    • Anonymous

      We cut our cord with Comcast, and now rely on Apple TV and MLBTV to watch via WiFi. For me, at least, the game is blacked out in the Bay Area.

      • KT

        missing a good one WBB

        • Anonymous

           I’m not sure it’s “good,” but it sure sounds entertaining.

          • KT

            It was good until the errors in the 8th

  94. Dave Birrell

    If the Dodgers score a few runs this inning, do they still bring in Jansen – or perhaps Guerra?

    • Anonymous

      As I noted above, I don’t think it makes sense to use Jansen with a 3+ run lead.  Also, both pitched yesterday and could probably use the rest.  Same for Wright.

  95. Anonymous

    Rank the following three in order of uselessness: Uribe, Theriot, Kennedy

  96. Anonymous

    A.J. is such a ball player. He is beginning to remind me a bit of Yeager.

  97. Anonymous

    I don’t know how significant it is, but it was nice to see A.J. batting somewhere other than eighth yesterday.  He’s done well so far, and earned a spot much higher in the order, IMHO.  I’d like to see him batting second, where the Bison can drive him in (is that a cattle drive?). But in the meantime, I’m glad Matty is open to putting him higher than eighth, and appears to be recognizing his performance.

    • It was mainly a product of Kemp being out, but obviously it’d be nice to see him move up. 

  98. KT

    Beautiful bunt Tony…Love Posey at 1st

  99. KT

    Great Bunt Dee…why can’t you do that more often?

  100. Anonymous

    According to B-R, Guerra’s WAR so far this season is MINUS 0.6.
    Somewhere in there is a pun on his name and the statistical term WAR…

  101. Anonymous


  102. KT

    3-0 with Matty on deck

    Oh that’s right forgot they took Matty out

  103. KT

    That was a high strike

  104. KT

    suprised Dee didn’t score but with no outs why try

  105. Dave Birrell

    Feeling good about this game!

  106. Anonymous

    Kennedy was absolutely do for a hit man.

    • Anonymous

      So was Eugenio Velez.
      I think someone is “due” only when it’s a good hitter in a slump, which isn’t the case here.

  107. Anonymous

    Seems like a good night to give Coffey an inning

  108. Anonymous

    A 4+ run lead demands using your worst bullpen pitcher for the ninth inning, to help decide whether to keep him on the team.  I hope we see the big guy sprinting in from the pen. Elbert would be another possibility. Both last appeared on Friday.
    Now I’m REALLY sorry we wasted a Lindblom appearance tonight.

    • KT

      Is Coffey in that mix

      • Anonymous

        Coffey is the big guy who sprints in from the pen.

      • Anonymous

        I think Coffey IS the big guy.

    • Anonymous

      Game is over when the fat man runs!

  109. KT

    NICE Dre!!!!

  110. Anonymous

    There’s nothing better than collective MAN LOVE for a player, in this case AJ.

    • Anonymous

      Especially when he was overlooked for so long. Good for him.

  111. Anonymous

    Steiner thinks Lindblom can pitch the ninth.

    • Dave Birrell

      Maybe the Dodgers would like to try Kennedy pitch hitting and pitching for Lindblom.

    • Anonymous

      Pretty unlikely, considering that Kennedy pinch hit for him.

  112. Christopher Staaf

    OK, save some for tomorrow, fellas! 

  113. Rivera’s line today: 5 0 0 2

  114. Anonymous

    Looks like there’s a lefty warming in the bullpen. Any word?

  115. I guess I can now comfortably watch the end of the Clips game.

    • Christopher Staaf

      We have an Elbert sighting and I am not nervous. 

  116. Anonymous

    Why couldn’t they have done this in the games I attended on Friday and Sunday???  :(

    • KT

      because it wasn’t against the giants defense

      • Anonymous

        But the Cubs rank 23 in fielding/errors.  Not as bad as the ‘ants (30), but still…

  117. Anonymous

    Even the Gnat fans are complaining about Posey’s defense, but he’s not much better behind the plate.

  118. KT

    Is this a record number of posts?

  119. Anonymous

    The starting rotations of the Dodgers and ‘ants rank 2 and 5, respectively, in MLB.  The bullpens are 24 and 12.

  120. KT

    Good game…Let’s take it to them tomorrow
    Nice to see Elbert get some work where He can’t hurt us

    • Anonymous

      If he can do well in non-critical situations, maybe we can start to trust him again in critical ones.

      • Anonymous

        i don’t know man, his curve still isn’t all there to me.

  121. Anonymous

    It wasn’t the prettiest win but hey.

  122. KT

    Night all….good sharing with you…See you all tomorrow

  123. Anonymous


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